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Brandon Tolson Foundation

About the Nonprofit

From the Nonprofits’ website Brandon Tolson Foundation | Support for the sudden and tragic loss of a child

Our Mission – The Brandon Tolson Foundation (BTF) was established to provide support both personal and financial to families who have experienced the sudden and tragic loss of a child. Born out of the loss of their son Brandon, the Foundation, led by Jon & Candi Tolson, is committed to helping other unprepared families through the indescribable pain and agonizing process of a child’s death. BTF assists families with financial support (i.e. funeral expenses, lost wages, medical expenses, etc), fundraising efforts without fees to the family, therapists, support groups and more. We are honoring Brandon’s legacy of “Don’t Waste Your Life” as we support families through all aspects of their grief journey.

Brandon’s Story – It was a Thursday. April 7, 2016 at 1PM. I heard a knock on the front door. Standing there were two police officers who looked at me and I knew. Just not which child. They said it was Brandon. He died in a car accident heading to work that day. In that instant, my life was changed forever. A knock on the door will never be the same.

Candi Tolson

I know I’m his Mom but Brandon was an uncommonly kind soul who I always felt was wiser beyond his years. His mantra, at just twenty years old, was “Don’t Waste Your Life”. Little did Jon and I know the impact of those words in our lives and in a few short months, the Brandon Tolson Foundation would be born. Our lives had a new purpose – to bring a place of hope to others who have gotten that knock on their front door. In this healing place, we have found our son.

Candi Tolson

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