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A Conversation with Chris Coleman

Co-Owner of Four Seasons Landscape & Construction Services

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In this episode, Rich and cohost Joe Ayler have a conversation with Chris Coleman.

You could say landscaping is in Chris’ blood. His father initially started the landscape company before Chris was born, so it was no shock when Chris started working for the company while in high school and was Superintendent of all crews not long after graduating. Chris spent the following years learning all aspects of the business and even working for another landscape company for a year to round out his experience and knowledge. When his father passed away in 2013, he and his wife, Sarah, knew they wanted to take over. While some rebranding was involved, their goal was to build a strong company with a focus on high-quality work and knowledgeable solutions, and Four Seasons Nursery & Landscape Services was born. 

Chris believes learning and growth never stop, and being stagnant is moving backwards. This focus on improvement has led him to seek out certifications and experience to make him a subject matter expert in areas like stormwater management and erosion issues, native and rain gardens, fertilizer and pesticide applications, and safety. He has maintained his pesticide applicator certification for commercial and private use, the fertilizer applicator and business license, his Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) license, extensive OSHA training, certification through the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals, including the pro certification, buffers certification, and crews certification, as well as Maryland Department of the Environment, State Highway Administration, and Harford County certifications for erosion and sediment control, among many others. 

Chris has enjoyed the opportunity to help build the family business and expand from landscape maintenance into hardscape, drainage, and landscape installs, and now into stormwater maintenance for residential, commercial, and government clients. The expansion brought a name change to fully encompass the services offered. Through his experience and knowledge, Four Seasons Landscape & Construction Services has developed a reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to solve complex problems through best practices. Clients know they are hiring a family-owned and operated business with deep roots in this area, allowing Four Seasons to develop long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust. Trust in communication. Trust in reliability. And trust in the knowledge and experience of all staff members, starting with Chris and Sarah, and through all office and field staff.

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