Harford County Living Adding Benefits To Sponsorship Levels


Become a Sponsor in December and lock in the current rate

With the growth of Harford County Living, Chesapeake Podcast Network, and Conversations with Rich Bennett, we’re adding more benefits to our Sponsorship Levels. Because of our sponsors, we continue to grow and we always like to add more benefits to help them grow.
We always throw in extras for our loyal sponsors, such as locked-in rates for their time as a Sponsor (price doesn’t change since the day they became a Sponsor), extra podcast episode sponsorships, continued recommendations, and so much more. Now we want to give other businesses a chance to become loyal Sponsors and lock in the current Sponsorship Level rates if they become a Sponsor in December of 2022. Here are some added benefits you and our current Sponsors will see at all levels:

  • Logo on harfordcountyliving.com and conversationswithrichbennett.com
  • Display ad on harfordcountyliving.com for all levels
  • Sponsored episodes of Conversations with Rich Bennett added to conversationswithrichbennett.com with your logo next to the episodes
  • More sponsored episodes on Conversations with Rich Bennett
  • Video Ad and Sponsor of episodes of the NEW video series, Harford County Living
  • And more

 Other Levels will also get more features such as display ads on the Chesapeake Podcast Network website, logos on the front page of the Conversations with Rich Bennett website, and more.
The current levels will increase in 2023, so act now and lock in the current rate.
To learn more, contact Rich Bennett at rbennett@harfordcountyliving.com or 443-982-0250
About Harford County Living:
Harfordcountyliving.com is a good news website that started in 2012 to promote good positive news, local events, local businesses, and organizations as well as the arts and more. The website receives over 12,000 New Visitors monthly and over 200,000 Pageviews monthly
About Chesapeake Podcast Network:
CPN (Chesapeake Podcast Network) is a collection of podcasts somehow tied to the Chesapeake Bay area. Podcasts included on CPN include:

  • Mouthful of Graffiti
  • The Mainstreet Podcast
  • Everyday Enchantment with Stacey Andon
  • Truth & Levity with Jordan & Candace
  • Conversations with Rich Bennett
  • And more

 About Conversations with Rich Bennett:
The podcast, Conversations with Rich Bennett, has over 500,000 downloads and is listed in the Top Indie Podcasts for Arts, Health, and Business on Goodpods.

Listen to stories and conversations with people from all walks of life and from different areas of the World. Rich Bennett speaks with different guests about business, art, addiction, and so many other interesting things. Rich is also joined at times by different co-hosts that make the conversations even more interesting.

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