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A Conversation with Carrie Farris

Voice Over Artist, Podcaster, Mother & Wife

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In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Carrie Farris.

Carrie Farris is a wife of 26 years, a mother to five kids, ages 23 yrs to 9 yrs old. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Edward’s University. And Master Teacher Certifications in yoga, cycle, kickboxing, and meditation – both, spiritual and traditional. She started her career in radio at KHFI 96.7 FM and continued teaching classes.  This naturally led her to a career in Voice Overs.  She has voiced commercials for:  Target, Philips Audio – Amazon, YMCA, Celsius, Quorn, Door Dash, Astin Martin, and others!  She has narrated various audiobooks, from Christian Self-Help books to Fairytale Audio Dramas for kids. Her top clients for narration are: Moody Publishing and Brain Bro. Top Apps:  Booka Booka and Bearily Bear Production.

In July of ’21, when their oldest son miraculously survived a car/pedestrian collision as the result of an undiagnosed mental health issue, their lives were forever changed.  In their close-knit and spiritual family, their faith brought them to their knees for answers and healing.  They began having experiences of hearing and seeing the Holy Spirit like never before.  The daily encounters have led them to speak out and share their stories as encouragement and growth for others struggling with the challenges of life and mental health.  They created a podcast called The Chatter Box Radio.  They share stories from their own personal accounts and from others.  You’ll hear experts and real people discussing issues from communicating with teens to dealing with loss.  Each episode has a different story and something to gain from the hope and courage expressed in each one.

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