Rich Bennett Honored With A Quilt Of Valor

Sally Zavoyna presents Quilt of Valor to Rich Bennett

Childhood friend makes a memorable presentation

Sally Zavoyna presents Quilt of Valor to Rich Bennett

The organization known as Quilts of Valor gave a quilt to Rich Bennett, the person responsible for creating Harford County Living. In June of 1981, Rich enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. His final duty station was at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, with “The Evil I” India Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. Rich was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in June of 1987. When he was presented with the quilt, he was overwhelmed with emotion and unable to find the words to express his gratitude. His family also shed tears.

Rich was given the Quilt of Valor by Sally (Brown) Zavovna, a friend of the Bennett family who has known them since childhood. The quilt was designed by Sally, who is a participant in both Quilts of Valor and Team Providing Cover. Katherine Arehart did the quilting on this piece.

About Quilts of Valor Foundation:

In 2003, the Quilts of Valor Foundation was established with a dream, and I mean that quite literally. Nat Roberts, son of company founder Catherine Roberts, was serving in Iraq.

Catherine’s account suggests that the dream was just as real as the world around her. Midway through the night, I looked over and noticed a young man sitting on the edge of his bed, stooped down. A sense of total desolation pervaded everything at that point. I could see his war demons congregating about him and pulling him down into an emotional abyss. Then, as if watching a movie, the next scene showed him wrapped in a quilt. I recognized him immediately. His entire tone shifted from one of hopelessness to one of well-being and optimism all of a sudden. The fabric had undergone this remarkable transformation.

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