Harford Designates Kurtz Mansion in Jarrettsville as County Historic Landmark

The 176-year-old Kurtz Mansion in Jarrettsville has been designated as a Harford County Historic Landmark.

Harford County has designated the 176-year-old Kurtz Mansion in Jarrettsville for protection as a County Historic Landmark, at the request of its owner.

After unanimous approval by the Harford County Historic Preservation Commission in July, the designation was unanimously approved by the Harford County Council on September 20.

Named Kurtz Mansion by the community, the landmark is a two-story frame house on Baldwin Mill Road. It was built around 1846 by prominent carpenter, undertaker, and cabinet-maker Martin Kurtz (1820-1883) as a home for himself and his family. The house was once the center of Hickory Wayside Farm and was added to around 1880 and 1950 to bring it to its current configuration.

With the County Historic Landmark Designation, the property cannot be demolished or altered on its exterior without approval by the County Historic Preservation Commission. It is also eligible for county tax credits for rehabilitation and restoration.

Next to the house, Martin Kurtz operated a funeral home, which remained in the family for 174 years.

“Historic landmarks help us tell stories about our past to future generations,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “The Kurtz family cared for many Harford County families over the years, and now this local history will be protected forever.”

With the addition of the Kurtz Mansion, Harford has 68 individual County Historic Landmarks and one County Historic District. For more information on Harford County’s historic preservation program or to nominate a property for designation, visit https://www.harfordcountymd.gov/2029/Historic-Preservation.

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