No One Seeks Out Love Because They’re Eager To Endure Heartbreak


A Conversation with Sheila (Sy) Tyson

Author & Executive Director of Coming of Kings

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In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Sheila (Sy) Tyson.

SY Tyson is a mentor, author, and advocate for the rights of minors. She spent the last 30 years raising her kids and grandkids. Now that her kids are grown with their own families, her new goal is to help mold the next generation of kids based on the current climate in the world. Her need to help change the world led to the start of her organization called “Coming of Kings” an all-male mentorship program whose sole goal is to help shape the minds of young men in her community. The “Coming of Kings…. Our Future Leaders” was created with that. The series includes a journal, coloring book, and children’s book.

And the latest project is a workbook. All books can be purchased at Amazon or

Though SY Tyson has penned multiple books, journals, and coloring books she totes “Love’s Pain” as her very first novel due to the more mature content and discussions that can be had after reading the book. Love’s Pain is written as a trilogy and has a storyline based on a toxic relationship. This is the reason for the podcast about toxic relationships and how we can help identify if we are in one. So, let’s talk about it, on my podcast, Monday 7 pm. Why do we stay in, Toxic Relationships?

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