Harford County Expands Eligibility for Property Tax Credit for Veterans, Seniors


Harford County has expanded the eligibility for its 20% property tax credit for retired veterans and senior citizens.

Legislation proposed by County Executive Barry Glassman, and approved Tuesday by the County Council, reduces the occupancy requirement from 40 to 35 years in the same home, and increases the limit on assessed property value from $400,000 to $600,000. The new law also makes homeowners who are military veterans with service-related disabilities and their surviving spouses eligible at any age. All other recipients must be 65 or older.

The tax credit, originally offered to a qualified applicant for five years, will be available for a total of 20 years.

The new legislation will take effect for the 2024 fiscal year. Applications and detailed requirements will be posted on the county website in January 2023.

“We have managed Harford County into a strong fiscal position, and that has helped us bring relief to more taxpayers who have aged in their homes and served our nation,” County Executive Glassman said. 

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