She Lost Her Voice And Was Bullied, Now She’s Speaking About It


A Conversation with Ms V The Storyteller

Storyteller, Podcaster, Author & Speaker

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In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Ms V The Storyteller.

Valeria Elliott is better known as Ms V The Storyteller. She lost her voice at the age of six and didn’t get it back until she was twenty-three. Ms V started sharing her personal stories and decided to turn them into a Podcast. Her podcast is for anyone who has lost their voice and wants to get it back. Her stories are personal, and she uses them as a tool to help others who may have gone through the same thing as she did.

Ms V has been a speaker on Sparkle Talks. A Facebook Group on ladies
*Winner of the Grand Slam as a Storyteller on First Person Arts
*Storyteller for First Person Arts Story Slam
*Performed as a storyteller for Rising Stars a virtual storytelling event for Black *History Month in the United Kingdom.
*Performed as a storyteller for Mortified in Washington D.C at the Black Cat, and   Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD
Co-Author to the book Living In The Key of Joy

Thank you to Ms V The Storyteller for the conversation. Here are some links for Ms V:

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Valeria (@v_storyteller) / Twitter
Ms. V The Storyteller – YouTube

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