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A Conversation with Laura Dahl

Director of The Clubhouse by Ashley

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In this episode, Wendy Beck has a conversation with Laura Dahl.

Laura Dahl, LCPC currently serves as the Director of Family Services at Ashley Addiction Treatment. In this role, she oversees the family programs offered to both inpatient, outpatient, and the community. She previously served as a counselor in a women’s halfway house and prevention specialist for Harford County Government Office of Drug Control Policy. She received her Masters of Professional Counseling from Liberty University, and her Masters of Public Administration from Strayer University. Her focus on family stems from her passion to heal not only the patient, but the whole family system from the pain of substance use disorder.

Aberdeen, Maryland is home to The Clubhouse by Ashley, a free, entertaining, and safe after-school and summer program for Harford County youth aged 12 to 17. The Clubhouse provides free of charge all activities, meals, snacks, and transportation to and from the facility. Ashley will provide the adolescents a place to hang out and do things like play video games, try out new board games, cook, read, do schoolwork, and learn about local events in a secure setting. The Clubhouse provides a safe space where members may socialize and unwind without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

Thank you to Laura Dahl for the conversation. Here are some links for Ashley:

The Clubhouse: https://www.ashleytreatment.org/treatment/the-clubhouse/
Strengthening Families Program: https://www.ashleytreatment.org/treatment/strengthening-families/
Ashley Addiction Treatment: https://www.ashleytreatment.org/

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