Farah Rocks In A Curious Land Watching The Philadelphia Phillies With Susan Muaddi Darraj


A Conversation with Susan Muaddi Darraj

Award-Winning Author, Editor, Mom, and Baseball Fan

In this episode, Rich and cohost Wendy Beck have a conversation with Award-Winning Author, Susan Muaddi Darraj.

Writing for both adult and children’s audiences, Susan Muaddi Darraj has won several literary awards. An American Book Award, two Arab American Book Awards, and a Maryland State Arts Council Independent Artists Award were among the accolades she received. She was designated a 2018 Ford Fellow by the United States Artists in 2018.

Jaime Manrique, the judge for the AWP Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction, selected Susan Muaddi Darraj’s short story collection A Curious Land: Stories from Home as the winner. Aside from that, it was nominated for a Palestine Book Award and won the Arab American Book Award in 2016. The Inheritance of Exile, her previous collection of short stories, was released by the University of Notre Dame Press in 2007. The Farah Rocks chapter book series was the first to feature an Arab American protagonist, and she has authored other YA biographies. Recently she has been hired to be a head writer of a 12-episode original children’s story podcast for Spotify Kids.

Thank you to Susan Muaddi Darraj for the conversation. Here are some links for Susan:
Inheritance of Exile, The: Stories from South Philly
A Curious Land: Stories from Home
Farah Rocks Fifth Grade
Farah Rocks New Beginnings
Farah Rocks Summer Break
Farah Rocks Florida
More books by Susan

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