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Sizzling Bombay Authentic Indian Cuisine

This week we are proud to feature Sizzling Bombay Authentic Indian Cuisine as our Restaurant of the Week

About the Restaurant

The majority of the original workers from when Sizzling Bombay first began in 2007 are still employed there now. Sizzling Bombay is a company that is owned and operated by a family. It is known for dishes prepared in the traditional Tandoori style, in addition to classic items such as hummus, kabobs, and freshly baked naan, which is the restaurant’s clay oven pita bread. It was the first restaurant in Harford County to offer authentic Indian cuisine, and it is known for these dishes. Fusion dishes are also included on the menu. These dishes mix traditional Indian tastes with ingredients and spices often used in Chinese and Thai cuisine. In addition, there is a menu for children, a range of desserts, and a variety of specialty drinks.

Sizzling Bombay is owned and operated by Mahendra Deshar, who also serves as the restaurant’s Executive Chef. Mahendra and his wife Yashoda Gurung are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the establishment together.

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