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Congratulations To Our Business Of The Week

Maryland Pickers

This week we are proud to feature Maryland Pickers as our Business of the Week.

About the Business

Let us start by congratulating Maryland Pickers on winning the 2021 Harford County Living Choice Award for Favorite Local Junk Removal Company.

Harford County and Baltimore County are both covered by Maryland Pickers, a junk removal service. They provide their services to the residents and businesses in Harford and Baltimore County in order to assist them in getting rid of unwanted items. They are a firm run by a family and founded on the values of trustworthiness, integrity, and perseverance. Maryland Pickers is committed to providing each and every one of their clients with the prompt, efficient, and polite rubbish removal service they deserve.

Maryland Pickers was established in January 2012, and since then they have regularly and carefully worked to ensure the satisfaction of their customers via the provision of a reliable and secure junk removal service. They still conduct business the old-fashioned way, one client at a time, and they do it well. They charge fair rates, provide accurate estimates, show up on time, and clean up after themselves. ​

Read more at About Us | Maryland Pickers LLC.




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