What Do You Know About (ACEs) Adverse Childhood Experiences?


A Conversation with Olivia Smith and Erica Waskey

Director of Client Services & Program Coordinator for Springboard Community Services

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Harford County Living presents Conversations with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios.

On this episode, Rich is joined by Olivia Smith and Erica Waskey of Springboard Community Services.

Springboard Community Services has devoted itself, throughout the course of its more than 170-year history, to improving the lives of the most vulnerable residents of Maryland. Springboard Community Services, which was formerly known as Family and Children’s Services, has continuously developed to meet the challenges posed by our ever-evolving world, beginning with their earliest efforts to identify and address the needs of the working poor, foster children, and single-parent families. These efforts are still ongoing. Simply expressed, they are motivated to assist people and families in recovering from the traumas of life and prevailing over adversity so that they may be placed on a course leading to satisfaction and achievement.

The term “Adverse Childhood Experiences,” or ACEs for short, refers to traumatic events that occur throughout childhood and have a negative impact on both our mental and physical health. Even if they manifest themselves in infancy, they are capable of affecting people of any age.

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