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A Conversation with Robert McArtor

Real Estate Professional, Team Leader, and CEO of Maryland Homes Team, Inc. –  Realtor®

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Harford County Living presents Conversations with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios.

In this episode, Rich has a conversation with Robert McArtor, Real Estate Professional, Team Leader, and CEO of Maryland Homes Team, Inc. –  Realtor®. Learn more about the residential and commercial real estate market in Maryland and about Roberts’s show.

About Robert, from his website:

Robert B. McArtor was born in Biloxi, Mississippi at Keesler Air Force Base in 1970. His narrative is one of poverty to wealth. With a focus on wealth that encompasses pleasure and joy that money cannot purchase.

His mother left him at the age of nine. Growing up in a dysfunctional family and having to take care of oneself at such a young age sowed the seeds of independence and leadership. After recognizing he could not alter people around him, he left school, packed two little bags, and took a taxi from a small town on the eastern shore to Baltimore. Robert persisted despite living in a hotel at the age of 17 without a driver’s license, a diploma, and $600 to his name.

In an unfamiliar city and with almost little money left, he was saved by the wife and children of a pastor. He received protection and unwavering love. This enabled him to finish school and contribute back to the community. He was successful in cultivating his business mentality.

Shortly after relocating to Baltimore, he met Maria, his real love. They have been together for nearly 30 years. During the early years of their relationship, he supported her while she completed her studies at Towson State University, and she helped him create his first auction gallery in the late 1990s. He has always had a passion for real estate and was eager to grow his company.

His childhood was difficult, since he spent those years in a shattered household and was almost an orphan. However, by his trust in God and the love of his family, he was able to accomplish more than he ever could have imagined.

Robert is in great demand in the real estate and auction industries. Since 1991, Robert has sold more than $500,000,000.00 worth of real estate in Maryland alone. He lives in Harford County with his family and is quite involved in his community. Permit Robert to assist in motivating and encouraging you and your company on YOUR trip. His narrative will motivate you to strive for excellence in life.

Thank you to Robert McArtor for the conversation. Here are some links for Robert:

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