Pets of the Week for June 27, 2022


Goober, Noel & Bunilla Ice

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Dog of the Week – GOOBER

Age: 1.5 years

Color: Black & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $160

Monogamous Mutt Seeks Exclusive Relationship With a Human. Headline written for my online dating profile: check! Adorable photos taken: check! Now all I need to do is create an account, click “Post” and sit back and wait. But the waiting’s the hardest part!! Hi, I’m Goober and the first thing you’ll probably notice about me are my fantastic ears. And yes, they are as soft as they look. Next you might notice my short legs, but I can guarantee that these legs will quickly carry me straight to you every time. So if you like a dog who’s loyal and happiest as the only pet, then we’re gonna make a great team!

Cat of the Week – NOEL

Age: 13 years

Color: Black & White

Breed: Domestic Long Hair Mix

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $45

I know we’ve just met through a picture, but maybe it’s meant to be? I mean, plenty of couples have met and fallen in love on Why should we be any different? Hi, I’m Noel, a spectacularly sweet senior kitty with tons of love to give. I enjoy taking it easy and spending most of my time relaxing on a cozy blanket gazing out the window. I absolutely love head scratches and can’t wait until I’m settled in my forever home chillin’ on the couch with you! If you are interested in meeting me, please come to the shelter during visiting hours: Monday thru Friday from 2-6 and Saturdays from 12-5.

Critter of the Week – BUNILLA ICE

Age: 4 months

Color: Tan & Silver

Breed: Rabbit

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $25

Alright stop! Collaborate and listen. Bunilla Ice is back like a brand-new sensation. Bunilla Ice, ice baby!! That’s me, Bunilla Ice, and I’m a young energetic bunny who loves to run around and explore. I enjoy having a variety of veggies each day to munch on as well as chew toys and tunnels to keep me entertained. But nothing beats the time outside of my cage each day with you! Rabbits like me are pretty fly, so hop on over to check me out. Word to your mother.

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