Harford Community College Holds Second Annual Scholars Summit

Photo credit: Lauren Raygor

Harford Community College partnered with Cecil College to hold the Second Annual Scholars Summit on May 24 on Harford’s campus.

Sponsored by Harford Community College’s Honors Program, the conference was designed to acquaint undergraduate Harford and Cecil students with the process and academic rigors of presenting projects in a professional setting. The day’s activities included scholar presentations, poster board presentations, creative work presentations, Q & A sessions, and award presentations.

Award-winning students included Vivian Mena (Cecil College) for “Serial Killer Connections Past to Present: Analysis of Cold Case Files and DNA”; Olivia Reynolds (Harford Community College) for “Where’s the Proof?”; and Joseph Zurner (Harford Community College) for “Darwin Among the Machines: The Rights and Risks of Artificial Intelligence.” Each of the winners received an award certificate along with a $100 gift card.

Faculty, administrators and students who participated in the summit included Professor Anne Shugars, CFA (Harford Community College); Professor Chris Jones (Harford Community College); Professor Paul Burkins, PhD (Harford Community College); Professor Ashley Fundack, PhD (Cecil College); Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences Tony Wohlers, PhD (Harford Community College); student Olivia Borkowski-Johnson (Harford Community College), and student Jessica Delos Santos (Harford Community College).

The Honors Program at Harford is designed for students who are interested in pursuing intellectual challenges and opportunities above and beyond their program of study. Students must satisfy admissions criteria and maintain continuous Honors Program eligibility to participate in the program. Learn more here: https://www.harford.edu/academics/honors-program/index.php.

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