The Art Of Change


A Conversation with Dan Diedriech

We Can All Make A Change

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Harford County Living presents Conversations with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios.

On this episode, Rich is joined by Dan Diedriech, Host of The Art Of Being You.

Here’s the description of Dan’s podcast: Remember the song, “It’s not easy being green?” Well, it also isn’t easy: •being in a wheelchair, •having PTSD, •being a member of the LGBTQ community, •losing a loved one to suicide, •being addicted to drugs, •belonging to a minority race or religion, or•just being a bit odd. Though all have their unique challenges, they all scream the same thing, “I don’t fit in!” “The Art of Being You” podcast is dedicated to the millions of us who “don’t fit in.” We’ll do a deep dive into the challenges of us “outsiders” and, thanks to the experiences of dozens of these individuals, we’ll learn how to lead more fulfilled lives while nurturing our unique qualities and personalities. The bottom line? You are not alone! Together, we’ll journey down an exciting path with new discoveries around every turn. Join us! It promises to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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