The Great Puzzle Pursuit Benefits Pathfinders for Autism

Join Pathfinders for Autism for the 2nd Annual Great Puzzle Pursuit Statewide Scavenger Hunt May 20-22.

This family-friendly interactive scavenger hunt can be done from any location within the state of Maryland. There will be over 200 missions that can be done at home, in your neighborhood, local community and throughout the state.

The missions are created with fun in mind. Missions may include belting out the lyrics from Disney’s Encanto at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru, doing the Conga line down the aisles of Home Depot or handstands at a local playground. Missions are suitable for all ages.

“We are thrilled to bring back this wonderful fundraiser! Last year’s fundraiser raised over $15,000! In 2021, families joined us from the greater Baltimore area, Carroll County, Montgomery County and the Eastern Shore, so we have expanded this year’s hunt to include missions throughout the entire state of Maryland,” stated Katie Ramirez, Development Director, Pathfinders for Autism.

Teams are comprised of ten individuals and there are family and friend teams as well as corporate teams.

The Great Puzzle Pursuit is wonderful way to explore new areas and bond with friends, family and colleagues.

Teams will compete throughout the weekend for prizes. The top prize will be $1,000 cash, second prize is an ultimate backyard crab feast and the third prize is $500 cash. Regional prizes and creativity prizes will be awarded as well.

“Pathfinders for Autism is proud to host the Great Puzzle Pursuit. It is heartwarming to watch teams come together to have good old-fashioned fun, while supporting our organization. All monies raised helps us further our mission and reach more families in need of resources,” stated Ramirez.

The Great Puzzle Pursuit is suitable for all ages and will take place rain or shine. 

Thank you to our sponsors Behavioral Framework, Dunkin’ Donuts, M & T Bank, Pizza Boli’s, The Baltimore Ravens, TTT, The Home Depot, and more.

About Pathfinders for Autism

The For over 20 years, Pathfinders for Autism has worked to support and improve the lives of individuals affected by autism through expansive, customized programming, and by providing resources, training, information, and activities free of charge. According to the CDC, Maryland has the fourth highest autism rate in the U.S. One out of every 54 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and 1 out of 6 is diagnosed with some type of intellectual/developmental disability.

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