Pets of the Week for April 4, 2022


Rocko, Laverne, Shirley & Cowboy

Grow Your Family! All dogs are 1/2 off this month and we’re giving a free packet of flower seeds to all adopters!

Dog of the Week – ROCKO

Age: 3 years

Color: Tan & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $80 (regularly $160)

Hi, the name’s Rocko. Why? Cause I rock! At least that’s what the shelter staff says about me. I’m a big handsome pup with a big personality. Just look at my sweet brown eyes and happy smile! At times I’m a canine dynamo, others I’m more of a couch potato! I love sports (especially soccer), food (Pupperonis & Kongs) and nature. Have you ever tried laying on cool green grass? It’s GLORIOUS! Picture it: You and me, sharing ice cream together after a long fetch session in our back yard-what is better than that! Ladies man? I might be, the shelter staff seem to think so! If you bring me home, I prefer to be your one and only dog, because I want all of your love and attention to myself! Think you’re ready for me to rock your world? Come for a visit!

Come adopt me please.

Cats of the Week – LAVERNE & SHIRLEY

Age: 7 years

Color: Black & Orange Tortoiseshells

Breed: Domestic Longhair Mixes

Gender: Females

Adoption Fee: $45 each

Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer. Laverne and Shirley here, and we’re gonna do this our way. Yes, our way. We’re two single girls who only have each other in this world…and we’re gonna make it cuz we’re fabulous! Laverne’s favorite things in life are being brushed and playing with the laser toy. She is super affectionate and will give you little nose kisses and nuzzles. And for me, Shirley, my faves are kicking my pompom ball around and being brushed. I get very enthusiastic about being pet and will bop my head right up to your hand! So give us a chance, and we’ll take it. Make all our dreams come true…for me AND you!

Come adopt us please.

Critter of the Week – COWBOY

Age: unknown

Color: White & Black

Breed: Silkie Mix Rooster

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $10

Howdy pardner. Don’t reckon I’ve seen you in these parts before. Pleased to meet your acquaintance. Listen here, why don’t you take a load off and sit with ole Cowboy for a spell so we can get to know each other? You know, a cowboy is a gentleman with or without his hat, boots and spurs. I’m a single Silkie mix feller who likes hangin’ around the waterin’ hole and minglin’ with the ladies. I reckon I’m pretty smooth and won’t easily get my feathers in a ruffle. So climb up into your saddle and take a ride over to the shelter. Tell ’em Cowboy sent ya.

Come adopt me please.

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