Pets of the Week for March 21, 2022


Bonnie, Ruffy, Ben & Fern

March adoption special is called March Muttness! All dogs are just $16 this month for the NCAA Sweet Sixteen!

Dog of the Week – BONNIE

Age: 2 years

Color: Golden

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $16

Do you like to take pics and share them to social media? If so, I’d love to be your model and muse. I’m Bonnie and my 1,000-watt smile will get you all the likes and shares! I’m a 2-year-old firecracker with a big personality who just loves to play, wrestle and clown around. My personal idol is Erin Brockovich because she’s has loads of gumption but is also genuine and caring. My perfect home would include another dog who is laid-back and submissive cuz I like to be the boss lady and call the shots. If you’d like to meet me and consider adding me to the family, come for a visit!
P.S. Please don’t judge me from inside my kennel! Ask the staff to take me out and you’ll meet a totally different dog.

Come adopt me please.

Cat of the Week – RUFFY

Age: 8 years

Color: Black & Tan Tabby

Breed: Domestic Longhair Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $45

Hello, my name is Ruffy and my favorite things are having my cheeks rubbed and being scratched behind my ears. You’ll know I’m really lovin’ it when I start making muffins like crazy on my fuzzy blanket! I’m not into loud noises, so if you’re a drummer in a garage band, please keep scrolling. And please no vacuum cleaners either…my ears thank you in advance. In terms of other pets, I give other kitty roommates a thumbs up (if I had thumbs) as long as they are low-key and respectful. If you’re not into the bar scene and prefer quiet evenings at home on the couch in your PJs, then we’d be a great team!

Come adopt me please.

Critter of the Week – BEN & FERN

Age: 18 months

Color: Black & White (Fern); White & Grey (Ben)

Breed: Dutch (RabbitFern); Holland Lop (Ben)

Gender: Female (Fern) & Male (Ben)

Adoption Fee: $25 each

Meet Fern and her brother-from-another-mother, Ben! We think Fern is a Dutch rabbit mix while Ben is a Holland Lop mix. This inseparable duo eats hay, veggies and math homework (wink) and enjoys listening to 80s playlists on Spotify. While their previous life is a mystery to us, we know that Ben and Fern have shown themselves to be top notch snugglers! If you are interested in meeting them, please come to the shelter during visiting hours: Mon-Fri 2-6 and Sat 12-5.

Come adopt us please.

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