In Celebration of International Women’s Day

If elected, Michelle Karczeski will be the first woman elected to the Clerk of Court Harford County.

Michelle Karczeski will be Harford County’s First Female Clerk of Court

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, there are several female candidates entering races in Harford County. Michelle Karczeski is one of them and, if elected, her story will make history.

The historic value of Michelle’s campaign was paved by many great women before her. In 1920 the 19th amendment was passed and just one year later Mary Risteau was elected by the people of Harford County to the Maryland House of Delegates. Mary continued her climb and became the first woman in the State Senate, the State Board of Education, the first woman delegate to the Democratic National Convention and she was the first woman to hold the position of Clerk of Court in Harford County through an appointment from the Third Circuit Court. Since then, a woman has not held the position and one has yet to be elected. This year’s Republican primary election will give Harford County the opportunity to change that and make history by electing Michelle Karczeski to this high-level, experience-needed position.

Mary Risteau was appointed by the Third Circuit Court of Harford County to the Clerk of Court Harford County.

Why Michelle?

Michelle’s career started in Washington DC as a Military Geographer and Analyst with the Department of Defense where she received numerous awards. In 2007, Michelle formed her company SETA Consulting, LLC – a small woman-owned, Maryland-based business providing Project Management and IT consulting. Her first contracts were with the Maryland Judiciary where they brought her into to be part of their team and mission for the past 15 years. During this time Michelle implemented technology across all of the Circuit Courts in Maryland. She has been in every Circuit Court Courthouse and worked with all of the Circuit Court Clerks in Maryland. She developed and implemented the systems that they use on a daily basis. Her well-established working relationships with the Maryland Clerks and the Judiciary team in Annapolis paired with her skills and knowledge will allow her to start the job here in Harford County with all of the experience needed to begin on day one.

To learn more about Michelle and her historic run for Clerk of Court in Harford County visit:

Michelle L. Karczeski is a candidate for the Clerk of Harford County Circuit Court in 2022. She will bring with her over 14 years of experience with the Maryland Judiciary. Harford County has been Michelle’s home for over 45 years. A graduate of Fallston High School, mother of two grown sons, she currently resides in Bel Air with her husband. They have recently taken on the loving role of raising their 9-year old nephew.

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