Bringing Moms and Moms-to-be together


Lower Susquehanna After Baby Club

New moms and moms-to-be are finding connection, community, and friendship as members of Lower Susquehanna After Baby Club. Just recently chartered in September of 2021, this free-to-join collective has already attracted over 150 members, with more moms joining every week. 

After Baby Club meets for a sit and talk meeting at 10:00 every Wednesday morning at We Rock the Spectrum in Forest Hill. It’s common to see the moms breast or bottle feeding their babies during the meeting as they chat about infant sleep challenges, plans for going back to work, and redefining their sense of self within the framework of motherhood. Older babies are usually playing and crawling around in the middle of the moms’ circle of chairs, and any older siblings who tagged along get to enjoy a play session in the kids gym. Group meetings are only one aspect of the club; members also gather weekly for social events like playground meetups and trail walks and for a monthly low-key, low-cost moms night out. 

Lower Susquehanna After Baby Club is an offering of Mandala Motherhood, owned and operated by Sara BharuriHauck, a postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and perinatal educator serving Harford and surrounding counties. 

Membership and participation in club events is free and open to all parents of babies and those who are pregnant. You can find the club on Facebook — just search for “Lower Susquehanna After Baby Club” — or through Sara’s website at

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