Pets of the Week for August 23, 2021


Dewy, Cas, Flower & Thumper

It’s Clear the Shelters Week from August 23-31. Adoption fees are waived, but appointments must be made!

Dog of the Week – DEWY

Age: 2 years

Color: Black & White

Breed: Hound Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $0 thru 8/31 at 6pm

One of the staff at the shelter gave me a glowing review that I would now like to share with all of you: “Dewy is my favorite dog at the shelter. Every time I walk towards his kennel, his great big expressive ears perk right up, his paws do quick little happy taps, and his whole body wiggles. When he sees me pull the leash out and realizes it is his turn to go on a trail walk, he gets SO happy, my heart melts instantly. He pulls his cute pointy ears all the way back, his face looks like he is smiling, and he sits down & patiently waits for me to put on the leash, as his tail whaps at high speed.

Dewy loves toys so much, and will always be ready to fetch, tug, and play with you. But he is ALSO very good at creating his own entertainment. It is too funny to watch him throw toys up in the air to himself and push the big jolly-balls around with his nose, having a blast. He always seems to be grateful for any toy, or treat you hand him. I half expected him to tear up the little toy bear I gave him. But to my surprise he was just gently holding it in his mouth every time i walked by his kennel.

He loves a Pupsicle on a hot day, and a big yard to run around in. Dewy is grateful for the smallest acts of love, and when he is finally in the loving home he deserves, he will give all his love to you. Whoever gets to be his forever person will be so lucky to have such a loyal, happy-go-lucky dog. If you’re in search of a lifelong friend, email [email protected] to make your appointment.”

Come adopt me please.

Cat of the Week – CAS

Age: 10 years

Color: Black

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $0 (thru 8/31 at 6pm)

Open the door to my cage and open the door to my heart! I’m Cas, and I’ll eagerly greet you with an appreciative head butt and then proceed to rub myself against your hand. Love? Yep, I’ve got tons to give and I also like to talk. I hope you have blankets at your house because I like to lay under them and snuggle up tight! So tonight before I go to bed, I’ll shut my eyes tight and make a wish that when I wake in the morning, you’ve made your appointment to come and see me! Contact the shelter at 410-836-1090 or [email protected] to set up your appointment!

Come adopt me please.

Critters of the Week – FLOWER & THUMPER

Age: 1 year

Color: Black & White (Flower); Brown & White (Thumper)

Breed: Lionhead Rabbits

Gender: Males

Adoption Fee: $0 thru 8/31 at 6pm; then $25

How’s my hair? We’re Flower and Thumper and we always check the mirror before we go out to make sure our gorgeous manes of hair are in place! If not, we need you to run a brush through our hair to avoid uncomfortable knots or matting. We’re lionhead rabbits who are very smart and active. As bonded brothers, we need to stay together, but don’t worry – we’ll keep each other company and hey, we’re twice the love and fun! Contact the shelter – 410-836-1090 or [email protected] – to set up a time to meet us!

Come adopt us please.

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