Partner Spotlight for the Week of August 30, 2021


Thank you Harford County Health Department

Susquehanna Level Sponsor

Thanks to our Sponsors, Harford County Living is able to operate and provide you with good positive news, events, podcasts, features and a lot more. We want to shine the spotlight on our Sponsors and let you know about the great products and services they provide.

This week we are shining the spotlight on one of our Susquehanna Level Sponsors, Harford County Health Department.

Chances are you have talked with someone from the Harford County Health Department at one point or another. It could have been about a Birth or Death Certificate, Addiction, Cancer or anything that has to do with Public Health. You can find all kinds of information from their website, social media pages and of course their YouTube Channel. We’ll share a few videos below and you can subscribe to their channel and like and comment on their videos.

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Harford County Health Department Social Media Pages:

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