Harford County Adopts Design Guidelines for Historic Preservation


Harford County has adopted for the first time its own set of design guidelines to protect the county’s historic architectural and archeological resources. The Harford County Historic Preservation Commission unanimously adopted the guidelines at its July 7 public meeting.

The guidelines outline best practices for rehabilitating historic properties and will serve as a tool for property owners, Planning & Zoning staff, and the Historic Preservation Commission when making decisions on how to best protect the places that make Harford County unique.

Previously, decisions were made using federal guidelines, which are not specific to Harford County.

“These design guidelines will help us safeguard the physical links to events and people that shaped the communities we know today,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “I would like to thank our Historic Preservation Commission and my Planning & Zoning staff for establishing these guidelines to help us preserve Harford’s history.”

The Harford County Historic Preservation Design Guidelines can be viewed and downloaded at:


Do you know of a property that should be designated a Harford County historic landmark? Learn more about the program and nomination process at


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