Pets of the Week for July 19, 2021


Sarah, Cami, Dixie & Lainie

The adoption fee on all cats, kittens & dogs is now $25 (until further notice

Cat of the Week – SARAH

Age: 7.5 years

Color: Black

Breed: British Shorthair

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $25

“Sarah, you look so exotic!” they say. “We think you’re a British Shorthair and according to the breed standard, they are calm, quiet companions, appreciating quality time without demanding your total attention.” At least that’s what the people here at the humane society say. If you ask me, I’m just a cat! But a cat with a sweet nature and a gorgeous, silky black coat. I enjoy the companionship of other cats, but I’d be just as happy being your one and only. My weakness is a scratch behind my ear 😉 So whatever your plans are this week, drop ’em and get an appointment to see me! Email [email protected] and let’s make some greatness happen!

Come adopt me please.

Critters of the Week – CAMI & DIXIE
Age: 1 year
Color: Tricolor
Breed: Guinea Pigs
Gender: Females
Adoption Fee: $25/pair

Is that a bag you’re opening?? Hold on, we’re dropping everything to investigate. This could be good! We’re Cami and Dixie, 2 girls who will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, we promise! We are very used to being handled and don’t shy away from being petted. But if you really want to see us get excited, just rattle a bag and feed us a baby carrot! All you have to do to meet us is email [email protected] for an appointment!

Come adopt us please.

Dog of the Week – LAINIE

Age: 6 months

Color: White & Black

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $25

I’m in love with you already, and we’ve only just met through a picture! Since you’re reading this, you’re obviously looking for a new best friend – and hey, so am I. I don’t care how old you are or what you look like, but just in case those things matter to you, here goes. I’m 6 months old, a spayed female who’s up-to-date on her shots, and spots on my soft muzzle that go on for miles. When I’m not admiring your every move, I love toys of all kinds and lazy Sunday afternoons. So whaddaya say? Come meet me by calling the shelter at 410-836-1090 or emailing [email protected] and let’s be besties!

Come adopt me please.

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