New Direction For Local Radio Station


Harford Community College Radio WHFC 91.1 FM Announces New Learning Lab and Programming Changes

WHFC 91.1 FM, Harford Community College Radio, is excited to announce new directions for the station, including a student learning lab and changes in programming.

The central focus of WHFC will be training through the development of a student learning lab for those interested in radio and podcasting. The learning lab is being formed to offer a college radio experience for HCC students, but anyone who wants to learn, including high school students and community members, is welcome. No experience is required. WHFC staff will guide learning tailored to an individual’s particular interest in such areas as being an on-air personality, producing, writing/journalism, engineering, marketing, sales and more.

Those who are interested in workforce development will be prepared to launch or augment a career in broadcasting with audio engineering, storytelling, and use of industry standard radio automation and planning software. Participating just for the fun of it is also highly encouraged. Remote training is available for people who prefer that option. Weekday one- to two-hour time slots are available for interested students and community volunteers.

Other changes are happening at the radio station as well. Weekday programs at WHFC have a new sound. Between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, WHFC is now featuring its distinct “college radio” version of the Adult Album Alternative (AAA) radio format. From one song to the next, listeners can expect to hear rock, R&B, pop, funk, folk, Latin, soul, rap, or experimental offerings.

WHFC 91.1 FM, which began its service to Harford County in 1983, offers a unique variety of music, talk and news programs. If you’re interested in learning more or joining the WHFC team of professional, energetic, and passionate volunteers and students, get in touch at or 443-412-2151.

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