Harford Community College Holds Pinning Ceremony for Spring Nursing Graduates


The spring 2021 Nursing Class Pinning Ceremony for Harford Community College’s 65 associate degree nursing graduates was held on June 9 in the APGFCU Arena at HCC. The College live streamed the in-person event and included virtual participants as well.

The event was hosted by the College’s Division of Nursing and Allied Health Professions with Dale Spielman, Director for Nursing Education, and Tony Wohlers, Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences, who are serving as Interim Co-Deans of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, along with faculty and staff.

Although the event took place in person, graduates did not cross the stage to be pinned this year. Instead, students were seated in arranged groupings with their two invited guests. One guest pinned the graduate while another took a photo. Graduates and all RNs in the audience recited the International Council of Nurses pledge.

A PowerPoint presentation was created to honor the 2021 associate degree nursing graduates. The presentation, which was livestreamed prior to the ceremony, features messages of appreciation and photographs the students took during the course of their program. Congratulatory remarks were offered by Dr. Theresa Felder, the College’s President; Dr. Timothy Sherwood, Vice-President for Academic Affairs; and Dr. Tony Wohlers. Stephanie Pelaez-Ortega was the graduating class speaker.

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In addition to nursing uniforms worn by all graduates, members of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society wore special cords to designate their membership. Several students received recognition awards. Stephanie Palaez-Ortega received the Maryland Nursing Association District 7 Award, Renee Loftus received the Spalding Leadership Science of Nursing Award, and Rachel Carter received the Spalding Art of Nursing Award.

Harford Community College Spring 2021 nursing graduates included Mahalia Amato, Leslie Antoine, Gyanne Cazandrah Magdangal Aquino, Keisha Artis, Margo Bennett, Sarah Bennett, Abigail Birago, Toni Brewer, Beverly Brown, Michelle Burton, Rachel Carter, Kimberly Chandler-Jackson, Katie Cheuvront, Eva Crosby, Sherrie Davis, Keri A. Dunlop, Jacqueline Hope Duvall, Lillian Ehrhardt, Olubunmi Eko, Kaitlyn Englar, Leslie Graul, Gabriella Gutierrez, Ciara Harbaugh, Alayna Hicks, Cynthia Irungu, Curtis Jackson, Esther Kimani, Tiffany Kramer, Suzanne Kuespert, Hailey Leight, Madison Lester, Juliana Lioi, Renee Loftus, Sabrina Maggio, Emily Malwitz, Tamara Martin,  Amanda Mayo, Peter Mbugua, Sarah McDonnell, Alison McSpadden, Ashley Mozingo, Edina Muguongo, Olabisi Oni, Heather Owensby, Angela Palmer, Katherine Parks, Stephanie Pelaez-Ortega, Maria Quinn, Nichole Reikard, Anita Reilly, Tina Ross, Melissa Slaby, Maddie Slebzak, Ashley Smith, Gabrielle Spade, Taylor Tillage, Matthew Torre, Denika Turner, Lauren Visnich, Mary Walsh, Alice Wangari, Cameron Watts, Victoria White, Brittany Wieczorkowski, and Catherine Wright.

View the ceremony via the College’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/HarfordCC.

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