May 2021 is the Fourth Annual Maryland Podcast Month


Founded in 2018, Maryland Podcast Month brings together podcasts of all stripes together cross-collaborate and cross-promote in order to create more opportunities for podcasts to get new listeners. Maryland Podcast Month is non-partisan and non-ideological and consists of all sorts of locally produced conduct, including podcasts about news, politics, sports, life, culture, food, wrestling, and other shows.

“Maryland Podcast Month is all about shining a light on locally produced content,” said Brian Griffiths, founder of Maryland Podcast Month. “In this time of social distancing, there is no better way to connect to others and connect to our community and topics of interest than through podcasting. Maryland podcasters are still producing great content, and they deserve a bigger spotlight.”

For the first time, Maryland Podcast Month is sponsoring the Maryland Podcast Awards. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 5th.

Shows participating in Maryland Podcast Month include: 

  • The Duckpin Podcast, featuring interviews and commentary about the things that matter.
  • The Conduit Street Podcast, the podcast of the Maryland Association of Counties.
  • The Eye on Annapolis Daily News Brief, sharing top stories from the Annapolis Area.
  • The Maryland Crabs, A rambling podcast covering the issues facing Marylanders. Sprinkled with Old Bay.
  • Section 336, a personality-driven sports show featuring Josh Sroka, Matt Sroka, and Bert Rode
  • JB’s Drive-in Movie Podcast, a show providing irreverent views about movies from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

For all shows participating in Maryland Podcast Month, please visit the official page of Maryland Podcast Month at

Additional information is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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