Photo of the Week for April 5, 2021


Blurred Vision

Photo by Christopher Burkins

This photo was submitted by Christopher Burkins. Christopher stated “This is a photograph that I took in February 2021 of a small stream near where I live. I titled it “Blurred Vision” because I was experimenting with motion blur. Even though I live in an apartment development, there is a lot of nice scenery surrounding it. There is even a small nature trail that goes around the apartment complex, which provides a lot of opportunities for nature photography. I enjoy photographing nature because I want it to inspire people to live more in harmony with the environment. It is also very
relaxing after a stressful day.” Thank you Christopher.

We are looking for photographers to show their skills as well as the beauty of Harford County. Each week we will feature a Photo of the Week submitted by a photographer. The photo must include a description, name of photographer and if possible, a link to their website. The Photo of the Week will be displayed on our website and shared to Social Media.

This is just another way for us to promote local artists and their work. There is no cost involved, each photographer just needs to fill out the form below and attach their photo or photos.

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