NMTC Visionary Awards Gala to Honor Jeff Foulk, CEO of SURVICE Engineering, as Visionary of the Year

Jeff Foulk, CEO, SURVICE Engineering
Visionary of the Year

Jeff Foulk, CEO, SURVICE Engineering, will be honored as our Visionary of the Year.  We celebrate Jeff and 16 fellow honorees at the 10th annual Visionary Awards Gala on April 22, a virtual event this year. Ten years ago, Jeff’s father and the founder of SURVICE Engineering, Jim Foulk, became our first Visionary of the Year honoree.

Seventeen Marylanders will be honored for STEM-educated workforce development and advancing our technology and innovation base to grow our economy and protect national security. This awards gala, the largest of its kind in Maryland, is now in its 10th year. Supporting this gala are leaders and contributors from industry, government, and education.

“We honor remarkable people who continue to play key roles in support of STEM education,” said NMTC executive Director, John Casner “These are individuals who selflessly donate their time and talents to make a difference in our community.” Honorees now number 140 in the Academy of Visionary Awards.

The 2021 Visionary Award honorees are:

Visionary                Jeff Foulk, CEO SURVICE Engineering

Leader                   Laura Cianelli Preston, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Harford Community College

Leader                   Kyle Rickansrud, Director of Technology Services and Media, Cecil County Public Schools

Leader                    Tim McNamara, Chairman, Facilities Committee, Discovery Center at Water’s Edge

Leader                   Andy Renzulli, Supervisor of Science, Harford County Public Schools

Leader                   Dr. James Morgan, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Cecil College

Innovator               Todd Miller, Product Manager, Data Systems Analysts, Inc

Innovator               Dawn Grissom, Project Director, Harford Community College

Innovator              JP Lapps, Senior Vice President, NextGen Federal Systems        

Innovator               Kim Sheppard, Chair Mathematics Department, Cecil College

Innovator               Mark A. Mears, Director, Facilities Management & Emerg. Prep. ChristianaCare, Union Hospital

Mentor                  Amy Fares, Project Manager, Data Systems Analysts, Inc

Mentor                  Erin Poole, Customer Service Representative and SharePoint Developer, Data Systems Analysts, Inc

Mentor                  Dr. Art Lee, Research Engineer, (ret) US Army Research Lab

Mentor                  Sarah Wheat, Chief, Employee Development and Engagement Branch, Army Research Lab

Rising Star             Kayla Ross, Science and Engineering Lab Coordinator, Cecil College

Rising Star             Jeremy Ruroede, Founder, SERRI Technologies

Find detailed information at https://nmtc.org/nmtc-visionary-awards/.

NMTC connects collaborative leaders in Academia, Industry, and the Federal Government to build a STEM-educated workforce that will advance the technology and innovation needed to expand our economy and protect national security. For additional information, visit www.nmtc.org or contact Executive Director John Casner at [email protected]

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