Book of the Month for March 2021


Port of Call: Memories of an Ancient Mariner

Mollee Kruger

Did you know that reading is good for your health? When you read for only 6 minutes, it helps reduce stress by 60%, relieves muscle tension, slows your heartbeat and alters your state of mind. Believe it or not, reading has proven to be 600% more beneficial in reducing stress than playing video games, 300% more useful than actually going for a walk, 100% more than drinking a cup of tea and 68% more than listening to music. There are millions of books available and several have been written by local Authors.

Since we started the podcast, Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, we’ve had plenty of different local Authors on. We want everyone to be able enjoy the great books written by them so we decided to feature a “Book of the Month” from a local Author.

This month we are proud to feature “Port of Call: Memories of an Ancient Mariner” by Mollee Kruger


In Port of Call, a long-awaited sequel to Mollee Kruger’s memoir, ( The Cobbler’s Last), the 90-year-old poet/essayist turns to her travels as a 20th century female writer and dwells on the myriad distractions that can keep women authors (and men too) from reaching their ports of call. As a small-town homebody who never expected to venture beyond the murky confines of industrial Baltimore harbor, the author invites readers to share her quirky adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia. En route, she lands in a wacky advertising agency and must choose between marrying or following a career that may lead nowhere. Mollee Kruger has written more than an ordinary travel book; it is a humorous but deeply wise exploration of life’s destinations along the way. Funny and compassionate, Kruger lets her readers know that she has clocked a staggering number of knots (miles for landlubbers.) Port of Call successfully navigates the choppy seas of advertising, journalism, poetry, and politics as well as marriage and homemaking. Tying it all together is a powerful love story that summons the reader to a hopeful and welcoming shore.

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