Pray Your Number Isn’t Called For The Gamble


The First In The Series

Rich speaks with Actor, Dancer and Author, Kathryn Jacques

On this episode of Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios, Rich speaks with Actor, Dancer and Author, Kathryn Jacques.

Kathryn discusses the first book “The Gamble” Here’s a brief description from Kathryn’s website:
It’s 2135 and no human alive as seen the sun, or the stars, or even the sky.  In the radioactive aftermath of WWIII, eighteen-year-old Kelsey Keslin is one of only 50,000 people left on the planet.  Sealed inside the Republic of the Continuation, a subterranean city housing the last of humanity, the laws are strict, the punishments brutal, and space and resources severely limited.  The best form of population control has become the Gamble, a lottery based system which sentences thousands to death each year.

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