National Random Act of Kindness Day!


40 Ideas To Spread Kindness

It’s National Random Act of Kindness Day! Here are 40 ideas you can choose from to feel good and spread cheer, love and kindness!

Challenge yourself to do as many as you can. Choose a number 1-40 and do that. Ask your children to circle a few numbers and do them together as a family. However you choose to use this list, have fun and enjoy that random act of kindness! 

1. Text a friend something you love about them

2. Call a family member to check in

3. Leave a thank you card or a treat in the mailbox for your mail carrier

4. Pay toll for the person behind you

5. Buy coffee for the person behind you

6. Smile at someone and bring joy to their day

7. Send Thank You cards to nurses

8. Leave kindness rocks on a trail

9. Email a teacher, former boss or someone who had an impact on you in your earlier years

10. Give away things for free in a local Facebook group

11. Return shopping carts that you see laying around the parking lot

12. Write a positive review for a small business 

13. Leave a generous tip at a restaurant

14. Write a love letter to your partner

 15. Take flowers to a nursing home

16. Leave a friend a gift on their front door step

17. Leave a treat for the delivery man

18. Surprise a neighbor with sweet treats!

19. Leave unused coupons at their corresponding spot

20. Give someone a hug 

21. Hold the door open for someone

22. Offer to babysit for free

23. Post an encouraging quote on your social media

24. Message 10 people on social media how much you think they’re awesome!

Malia Chapman

25. Let someone else take the prime parking spot

26. Put coins in an expired parking meter

27. Ask to help someone who needs to load their car with groceries

28. Learn CPR or First Aid

29. Keep an extra umbrella in your car to give someone when it rains

30. Shovel snow for a neighbor

31. Shop local 

32. Bring treats to your local fire station

33. Donate a sick day to a colleague going through a difficult time

34. Bring treats for your co-workers

35. Look in the mirror and say 3 nice things about yourself

36. Share a small business post 

37. Give a genuine compliment to someone

38. Share this list of random acts of kindness and host a challenge on who can do the most!

39. Offer to run an errand for someone

40. Slow down so someone can merge first on the road

Would love to see what you’re doing today (and everyday!). Tag me on Facebook or Instagram. For more details about this article, email Julia Chang is a health and fitness coach, motivator, and Taekwondo master. She currently runs health and fitness challenges and online motivation bootcamps.

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