Change Your Life. Make Your Bed.


How This One Morning Act Can Do Wonders!

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When you wake up, what’s the first thing you do? Stretch? Grab for your phone? Brush your teeth? 
Did you know that making your bed as part of your morning routine is more powerful than you think? 

Here are 5 reasons you should make your bed in the morning. 

1. QUICK MORNING WIN Making your bed in the morning gives you a quick win for the day. Instead of crumbled sheets, you see a flat bed. Clean. Organized. You are ready to start your day! 

2. FEEL PRODUCTIVE You feel productive already and you’re barely just getting started with the amazing day ahead! From here, it’ll only get better!

3. MOOD BOOSTER A clean bed results in an instant mood booster. Your mind feels clear and organized thus helping you feel good. Yes, please!

4. DOMINO EFFECT This one, small act is a domino effect leading to other tasks being completed. After all, you want to repeat the feeling of accomplishing something. 

5. END THE DAY WELL I bet you didn’t think of this advantage. Sometimes the day doesn’t go as anticipated and it turns out to be a rough day. You can end the day seeing your clean bed. Smile and end the day with a peaceful, calm moment. 

All this can be accomplished in less than two minutes. 

If you already make your bed each morning, smile knowing you’re doing something amazing for yourself and celebrate that! We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the amazing work we do each day. Fitted sheets on the other hand….

>> Would love to see photos of your cleanly, made bed! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram. For more details about this article, email [email protected]. Julia Chang is a health and fitness coach, motivator, and Taekwondo master. She currently runs health and fitness challenges and online motivation bootcamps.

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