Things to do with all that Halloween candy


Donate candy for a treat, candy crafts, and more!

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Donate it! – Main Street Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics will donate it to local children’s hospitals. Candy donations will be accepted at 2003 Rock Spring Road, Forest Hill MD 21050 from Monday, November 2 to Friday, November 6, 8am-5pm. Your child will receive a special treat in exchange for all the candy donated! 

Freeze it! Enjoy it throughout the next few months. With family over for Thanksgiving, you’ll have plenty of bite-sized sweets for your guests. You can also use them as stocking stuffers. Take it out of the freezer as a topping for ice cream, frozen yogurt and milkshakes.

DIY Trail Mix – Nuts, raisins and small chocolates make a delicious snack!

Coffee – Melt chocolate into your coffee. Mocha, anyone?

Crafts – Save it to decorate Gingerbread houses or ornaments.

Sundae Bar – Enjoy icecream with various candy toppings – use gummies, small chocolates, Skittles, etc.

Homeschool Activity – Make learning fun with these homeschool activities:

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