Put a Spring in Your Step with New Traveling Activity Walks on Harford County Trails

One of the traveling activity walk signs on the trial at Emily Bayless Graham Park in Bel Air.

Instead of just a walk, take a hop, skip or do a little dance when visiting one of Harford County’s trails.

A new Traveling Activity Walk was recently installed at Emily Bayless Graham Park, 15 W. Wheel Road in Bel Air, and will move to other county trails throughout the year.

Nine portable signs make up the Traveling Activity Walk throughout the two miles of trail at Emily Bayless Graham Park. The signs were developed by Harford County Parks & Recreation and encourage users to do various exercises and silly moves as a way to spice up their walking routine. One sign calls for a kangaroo hop, another for dancing the Macarena, yet others encourage knocking out some push-ups or doing “the dab,” the dance move popular with youngsters. Try burpee squat thrusts and star jumps to add some extra exercise.

“Harford County trails offer great opportunities to stay fit, and our new Traveling Activity Walk will be fun for the whole family,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “Give it a try and keep an eye out for more coming soon to other county parks.”

The Traveling Activity Walk signs, twenty-one in all, will move across the county. More may be placed at Emily Bayless Graham Park when the first set is moved, or they could be placed at two different trails at the same time – depending on the sites, community reaction and other events.

Take a photo of you or your family participating in the Traveling Activity Walk and send it to recreation@harfordcountymd.gov – your image may be used in future publications.

For more information, please contact Harford County Parks & Recreation at 410-638-3572 or recreation@harfordcountymd.gov.

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