If you shop and dine locally this holiday season, the business you save may be your neighbors’


Eight ways to support Harford’s small businesses, services and restaurants

Shopping and dining locally, a Harford County holiday mainstay, has taken on new importance in 2020.

“Our neighbors and friends own many of our retail shops, services and restaurants,” says Greg Pizzuto, Visit Harford’s executive director. “The pandemic suddenly and seriously impacted their livelihood. These business owners have often supported our local nonprofits, youth groups and faith communities in the past. This holiday season, let’s rally and give them the gift of our business whenever possible.”

There are ways to support local small business owners during the holiday season, either in person or virtually:

  • Get to know Harford’s shops and restaurants from local advertising, social media, chambers of commerce, and with suggestions from friends. Many provide online and/or phone shopping, curbside pickup services, or home delivery.
  • Purchase gift cards as hostess gifts or for your favorite hairdresser, delivery person or other service providers.
  • Order carry out or delivery meals. Tip servers and drivers generously.
  • Treat your favorite front line heroes to a meal. Include those who are sometimes overlooked such as maintenance workers, drivers and administrative staff.
  • Use social media accounts to like and tag favorite businesses. Post about your purchases and great meals.
  • If possible, maintain memberships to gyms, yoga studios and other services. Stay in touch with virtual classes and presentations.
  • Email, text, call or stop by to ask business owners for suggestions on how to help support them through the holiday season and beyond.
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself to a gift card for a purchase or service now or in the future!

“Imagine Harford County without our unique shops, services and restaurants. If we each do what we can to patronize them this year, we can look forward to a bright future together,” says Mr. Pizzuto.

Visit Harford promotes Harford County as an outstanding destination for visitors and residents. The 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization assumed responsibility for tourism management in 2014.

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