From Broken to Beautiful a Supernatural Rescue


A brain tumor or fibromyalgia isn’t stopping her

Rich speaks with Dr. Linda S. Plunkett, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Supernatural Rescue: From Broken to Beautiful.

On this episode of Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios, Rich speaks with Dr. Linda S. Plunkett, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Supernatural Rescue: From Broken to Beautiful.Learn how Dr. Plunkett discovered that she had a brain tumor and refused to listen to doctors that told her there was nothing they could do. After successfully removing the tumor, she went on to compete in Ballroom Dancing and something else affected her life. This is a truly inspirational story to hear and read.

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Transcription after Intro:

Richard Bennett 0:00
I’d like to welcome everybody to Harford County Living with Rich Bennett Today I have a another special guest on. And her story is very interesting, also an inspirational speaker. And I haven’t read her book yet, but just reading the back of it. I’m already I already know I’m going to but I, you know, I want her to tell her story to everybody. And we have Dr. Linda Plunkett, and the name of the book is supernatural rescue from broken to beautiful, and just, well, I like self help books. And I like to read books about, you know, true stories. One of my favorites was don’t have you ever heard the book Tuesdays with maurey. But that was one of my favorite books. And it helped me through a hard time when my mother was battling cancer. And it actually helped her to. So always, you know, read that. But after reading the back of your book, I’m like, Okay, this is something I’m gonna have to read. So anyways, how are you doing?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 1:06
Great. How are you?

Richard Bennett 1:07
I am doing great. I’m doing fantastic. It’s, you know, like we started talking about before we started the weather’s beautiful. Fall is here. I think, I think it’s supposed to be here at least. It’s just where one of those days where it gets warmer. So tell it tell me about how this book came about. I don’t even want to go into the book yet. But because you went through some, I guess you could say troubling issues, correct.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 1:35
Yeah. I mean, it was kind of surreal. Because I mean, this is back in 2012. And I’m a psychologist, I have a PhD in psychology. I had a nonprofit practice. And I was helping people and in trips, I’ve been to Guatemala, I’ve been to China.

Richard Bennett 1:51

Dr. Linda Plunkett 1:52
Yeah, I did inspirational, speaking and conducted seminars for people, you know, even back then. And then to suddenly get the news, you have a brain tumor in your frontal lobe. It was it was surreal.

Richard Bennett 2:05
Wow. Um,

Dr. Linda Plunkett 2:06
you know, you’d asked me a few minutes ago about why I wrote the book. This is a book I never intended to write. But after helping people for so many years, I found myself in a place that there was no one to help me. And it was the very lonely, dark time of my life.

Richard Bennett 2:23
So well, I guess it was therapy in a way.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 2:25
Well, and it was, and I mean, that gets into the story a little more, but I felt like a vegetable app to the brain surgery, I felt God had left me it was extremely traumatic. And then a few months later on major medical clinic said to me, we can’t help you. There’s nothing we can do. And I thought, I cannot live like this. I’m serious. I and if I told you the name of the clinic, I don’t want to give them negative publicity,

Richard Bennett 2:51

Dr. Linda Plunkett 2:52
immediately know who they are. But my brain was messed up months later, I couldn’t go back to work. And they said, there’s nothing we can do for you. And I thought, there’s got to be something I knew, you know, in my heart, you know, there’s got to be something somebody can do. And that’s when the journey for me started. And when people say what did you do? That will actually be my next book, people say, what did you do when your brain was messed up? And they said, there’s nothing we can do for you. People want to know this, because now I’ve really largely recovered. And, you know, I feel like I need to get that news out there for people. But this book truly was about it. It was a very dark time, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally across the board. And I didn’t know how to get well, I didn’t know what to do. And

so it was devastating.

Richard Bennett 3:42
Right. Now, you’re cancer free now. Right?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 3:46
Yeah, the ironic part Rich, this was not cancer. But see, I had Oh,

I had a tennis ball size

tumor in my frontal brain lobe and I was having seizures. And a seizure can kill you quicker than cancer.

Richard Bennett 3:59

Dr. Linda Plunkett 4:00
no, I had to immediately have the surgery where they cut me from ear to ear. And in an eight hour surgery to get this tumor out of my head. I had no choice The surgery was imminent, I had to do it, or I would not live.

Richard Bennett 4:12
Now. Any idea what caused it?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 4:15
Nobody really knows now. And I don’t know if you’re into, you know, the spiritual, the supernatural. There’s a lot of that in this book. And people can say, Well, I don’t believe in that. All I can tell you is this happened. This is what happened to me. But I mean, my husband, his theory is something happened to me when I was in China. But nobody really knows you know, I didn’t have and the weird thing is I didn’t have headaches. I wasn’t sick. But people started to notice there’s something with her. She’s She’s not right. You know, she’s not making sense. Now. This is right in the middle of doing therapy with clients. And as far as my concern was, there was nothing wrong. I came home my husband said there’s nothing wrong with her, but my son and a close friend Notice there was something wrong, and that’s when they detected the tumor.

Richard Bennett 5:04
So no, there was no physical difference. It was,

Dr. Linda Plunkett 5:08
it was, yeah, I was basically mentally not acting the same. And they said this was a form of a seizure. And that as I continued to act out in this way, a seizure could kill me. And within six weeks, I had to have brain surgery and finding a brain surgeon, that was another thing. Whoever thinks they’re going to have to get a brain surgeon, and they end up to do a surgery that they may never recover from. It was very scary. Wow.

Richard Bennett 5:34
Yeah, I can’t even imagine. Yeah, it’s I I’m speechless, because I always thought with tumors, you would notice something physically, no but apparently you didn’t. But well, it’s also scary. You say your husband and some others didn’t recognize any difference? Okay, she’s fine.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 5:58
There’s nothing wrong with her. And I, you know, I contact my doctor, and my doctor says, Oh, you know, I mean, I was 59. I mean, you know, starting to get older. But um, you know, even the doctor said, I was probably nothing but we should have an MRI just in case. And I found this tennis ball sized tumor in the front of my brain, I

Richard Bennett 6:21
suppose pretty big, it tennis ball is huge.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 6:24
You had no headaches or nothing. I had no headaches, I had no headaches.

Richard Bennett 6:29
Okay, that’s weird. And she

Dr. Linda Plunkett 6:30
had no symptoms at all. But yet it was growing in the frontal lobe causing me to have what they were considering mental seizures.

Richard Bennett 6:40
And I didn’t have a clue. So are the ones that did recognize the difference? Was it as if you were like, having a stroke or something? I mean, what? They noticed

Dr. Linda Plunkett 6:52
what they noticed, you know, I went out to lunch with my son and a friend, who’s a missionary to Guatemala, who was someone on furlough. And they talked to me and they said, you know, she’s, she’s just not acting the same way. She’s not responding the same way. You know, there’s just something wrong. And you know, I was on the other end, I don’t I’m not even sure exactly. But they could just detect there’s something not right. She’s not herself. So I will, speaking and behaving in a way untypical of myself.

Richard Bennett 7:25
Wow, yeah. Well, apparently, God was looking out for you, because somebody recognized the difference, or, you know,

Dr. Linda Plunkett 7:32
well, I guess

so. I guess so. And, you know, obviously, you know, God was looking out for me when a major medical clinic said, there’s nothing we can do for you. And I, you know, I said, I can’t live like this. Yeah, like, Thank you had I not had my faith and the hope of God, like my husband said, a lot of people would have just sat back and said, Well, I might as well die, sit in my rocking chair, not a shot. But no, you know, I’ve been helping people for years and traveling and doing things. And, you know, for a while, ironically, it almost seemed like though, I was being punished, like,

what did I do wrong,

right. And then my life got worse. I started to feel better. I was reading books, and I was studying what other doctors said, and

Richard Bennett 8:12
this was before the surgery.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 8:14
Now, this was after this. Okay.

I would say about eight months later, I started to think maybe I’m getting a little better. You know, I’m reading books. I mean, I had to learn to walk, I couldn’t walk, I had to learn to walk. I got my balance back. Wow. But anyway, I wake up one morning, and I have paint all over my body, and I can’t sleep anymore. no worse than recovering from the brain surgery. And they said, You have fibromyalgia. And yeah, that was a whole nother thing. Because not sleeping and having pain. It made me into a really like not a nice, very, very nice person. And I really started to dislike myself. And there, you know, it’s like, that was another hurdle. How do I get well? And how do I get through this? So that went on for a couple years. So when the

fine the book was

finally written, I found a medication it was costing me $600 a month. And I was charging, but I was starting to feel well enough. And I wrote the book, and then the medication stopped working.

Richard Bennett 9:14
Oh, jeez.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 9:14
So the next book I’m writing is not only how to recover mentally from you know, a brain surgery, but how to recover from Fibromyalgia

because that

so many people have fibromyalgia that I’ve spoken to and they need clues. How do I get well so the new book will be how to get your body healthy, your mind healthy and even your soul healthy.

Richard Bennett 9:36
I have to have you back on when you write that book when that books published. And the reason being I have a very good friend of ours love her. You know, the whole family’s great as she’s been suffering from this, you know Fibromyalgia for a long time and just talking to her when she describes the pain that she goes through It’s hard.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 10:01
Yeah. And when you sleep when you don’t sleep, it just changes you. I mean, honestly, it’s much worse than even recovering from brain surgery when you have pain and then you can’t sleep to your body can’t recover. But I’ll tell you, I’ve learned to do things people have said to me, oh, I could never do that, believe me, if you’re sick enough, you’ll do a lot of things. Yeah, you know, changing how I exercise, changing my diet, changing a lot of things in my life that I felt

previously, I didn’t need to change. And

after the brain surgery, I weighed almost 200 pounds, and my whole body was off. And so I’ll see and to get to a normal one, I’ve had to do a lot of things maybe other people wouldn’t do. But I can tell you, if you make changes, you can feel better. That’s true. I mean, one size doesn’t fit all and not all Fibromyalgia may be the same. But I’ve learned a lot that has helped me become a much healthier person.

Richard Bennett 10:59
With with the fibromyalgia, and I don’t know if you can answer this or not, I don’t know your lifestyle. But if you align yourself with positive things, does that seem to help?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 11:12
Well, yes and no. Okay.

Because I’m a

believer in positive thinking. And as a psychologist, I advocate, you know, positivity over negativity.

Having said that, when you have pain all over your body, and you’re not sleeping, you know, I mean, people will say Think positive, and you want to punch him in the nose?

Richard Bennett 11:32
Well, yeah, that’s, like, when

Dr. Linda Plunkett 11:34
it’s that bad when it’s that bad. If you’re having a little pain, so you’re having good days and bad days, your good days, you can definitely, you know, latch on to positive thinking, you know, go for it. But when you’re having day after day of pain and sleep problems, yeah, you know, doesn’t work. So well.

Richard Bennett 11:53
I guess what I guess what I meant to say with that, especially if the non sleeping. When people can’t sleep, they have a tendency to turn on the TV.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 12:01
What’s worse, that’s worse, right? blu rays from either your TV or your computer will mess with your sleep. And literally, Oh, you don’t know that? No, no, I’m serious TV and blue light from phones, computers and TVs can mess with your sleep. So that’s one of the things that I will be recommending in my book is to turn off your TV at a certain time based on your sleep patterns.

Richard Bennett 12:29
I never knew that

Dr. Linda Plunkett 12:31
we didn’t know.

Richard Bennett 12:32
Because the funny thing is like, I mean, there’s points where I went through anxiety and depression. And if I couldn’t get to sleep, I would go in the back room where the TV is in I would turn on like the Carol Burnett Show or something, some some type of comedy to get my mind off of things. And I’ll be able to fall asleep.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 12:51
Yeah, but did it make you sleep? Were you able to

sleep? Yeah, cuz a lot of people. And there again, maybe you didn’t watch enough of it.

Richard Bennett 13:00
That’s true. I didn’t watch it for hours.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 13:02
If you didn’t watch it for hours, you’re probably okay. And honestly, having anxiety anxiety is the number one mental illness in America. More people suffer from that. And so cheering yourself up is important and being positive. And not just thinking negative thoughts. But forcing yourself to think positive thoughts is part of what you know, as a psychologist, I would recommend for someone having anxiety, because what happens and I had depression earlier in my life, so I understand depression, depression and anxiety are close sisters. Yeah. And but you have to learn to become more positive and change your thinking habits. Same thing and anxiety to get over that and to become a happier person.

Richard Bennett 13:46
Yeah, that’s, I never knew that about the TV and computers. That’s scary because I’m on the computer all the time. Yeah,

Dr. Linda Plunkett 13:54
you know, and it may not bother you right now. But there again, at some point it you know, and maybe sleep isn’t an issue, but sleep becomes an issue for you. That’s something you definitely want to look at.

Richard Bennett 14:05
Yeah. Now, please tell me because you’re an inspirational speaker as well. Right now I am Do you go around the country speaking?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 14:14
Well, so far, I mean, I do a lot of podcasts radio shows. I speak Florida. I’m a Floridian and you know, I speak in the Jacksonville area I I speak in the Tampa Bay area, and I’m available in other areas to speak as well. I haven’t been doing that yet. I would hope to in the future because right now we live in a really negative world. There’s no liberty. And you know, the last time I spoke it was just like a week and a half ago, but because of COVID I’m not you know, things are just starting to get back on my calendar as far as live speaking. But you know, people need to realize, hey, there’s answers for your problems. There’s solutions out there. You know, everything that’s happening right now with the COVID. Okay, I look at it a little bit too. differently. This isn’t brain surgery. You know, for me, this is not that big of a deal. This surgery, this is not fibromyalgia. So I do look at it differently. But I believe you know that, hey, there’s a plan, you know, I have faith and I believe there’s a plan for my life. I’m not going anywhere until God says so. Right. And if I have faith, I can get rid of the fear. But so many people are living in fear right now over something that may never happen to them. And yeah, now you’ve got to believe that there is a bigger force, you can call it God. You know, I believe it’s God. I’m a Christian, but a lot of other people believe you know, they have another type of faith. But if you believe in a force higher and bigger than yourself, it gives you hope. And you don’t have to succumb to that fear.

Richard Bennett 15:47
Yes. Yes, I agree with you. 100% there. What’s the birds name? Because I do hear the bird.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 15:53
Yeah, I

if you want I can go upstairs and shut the door if he’s Oh,

Richard Bennett 15:57
no, no, no, no, I love the sound.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 16:00
Now. His name is Coco. And he is a 24 year old cockatiel. Oh, we have a 24 year old cocktail. And we have a 16 year old cat and you may be hearing her shortly as well. 16 year old cat. He was a rescue cat. And she was an outdoor cat. We rescued her when she was four months old,

Richard Bennett 16:19
on the fibromyalgia. How are you doing with that? Now if you don’t mind me, I’m doing great.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 16:23
I’m actually doing great. Now. Like I said, I have a very balanced lifestyle. I probably do things other people don’t do as far as my body balance my sleep. Even my exercise my nutrition, and for that matter, my spirituality. But I find it’s about balance and having balance. And you know, living a healthy life, the healthiest life that I can live, but I feel great. I really do look great. I’m back in shape. Again. I’m doing ballroom dancing again. But in the beginning, I couldn’t walk after the surgery. Now I’m competing at the highest level of ballroom dancing. Right now we’re not competing, really? Because of COVID. But um, no, I mean, I have my balance. I can do triple spins. It’s very exciting to have my life back.

Richard Bennett 17:07
Really? Yes. So Alright, so right there, that tells me that, number one, you are a true inspiration. Because you didn’t believe what that clinic told you.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 17:21
I believe that I felt there’s got to be another way not to interrupt you. I do want to tell you, if you like if you like to watch a dance, okay. I have an inspirational dance that my professional teacher choreograph, and it’s on my website. And that I actually won an award at a dance competition for encouraging inspiring other people.

So I but that

was a shock. I didn’t know I was getting an award. But yeah, this was in New Orleans that a big competition called Millennium two years ago.

Richard Bennett 17:51
Really? Yes. Wow. So that’s just it. I mean, if you had to set your mind, no, I’m not gonna listen to his clinic. I’m gonna beat this. And you did. And then another obstacle pain.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 18:08
Yeah, but you know, who knows? Who knows? That’s what I mean. It seemed, you know, for a long time. I didn’t get it. But you know what, at this point, what I tell people, even if you don’t like to read, some people said, I don’t like to read books, go to my website at Linda s. Plunkett calm, click on the about, and you’ll see that dance video, that dance video will tell you what I went through in a short version. And it’s very inspirational and encouraged. And I feel like I’m alive today to encourage and inspire, but also to educate people how to have healthier lives. And so I have a lot to give. But that’s why I’m here. And that’s why I went through everything. Had I not gone through that I would not be able to help people the way I can today.

Richard Bennett 18:52
Then this is the only book you’ve written so far, right?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 18:55
Well far. Yes, supernatural rescue is the first book and the next book I’ve written, I’ve done a lot of the writing for it, I have to put it together probably my next trip to Asheville. I’ll be you know, looking for someone to help me proofread and then either make the decision to the first one, I had a publisher, the second one, I’m inclined to self publish, but I’m going to need some help with it.


probably this coming year will be a year of putting together that second book, hopefully

in the first part of the year.

Richard Bennett 19:26
This is where I wish I had Kelly on Kelly White, co host with me sometimes but she is a author, publisher editor. I want

Dr. Linda Plunkett 19:36
to talk to her just to get information. Honestly, my shortcoming is that I’m not technical. And I mean, if you knew how many steps it took me to be able to get you on my computer. I’m very non technical. And this stands in my way of, you know, I feel maybe being able to effectively self publish the way I would like to, but hey, I’m open to all the help I can get

Richard Bennett 20:00
Cuz I mean to me that you said you’ve done podcast so you’ve been guest on podcast but you don’t do your own right.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 20:07
No. Now I do a blog post once a month, Bruce puts it on my supernatural rescue Facebook page.

Richard Bennett 20:13

Dr. Linda Plunkett 20:15
but that’s a regular posts that I do every month. But no, I’m not as yet doing that it’s possible in the future. I may.

Richard Bennett 20:22
I was gonna say, I mean, I would because I mean, the blog doing the blog post is great. That’s awesome. Because it just sends it out to more people. But doing a podcast and when I say a podcast, I mean, just, you know, just audio because a lot of people get confused. They think if it’s on YouTube, it’s a podcast. Well, no, cuz it’s just on YouTube. The podcast can go to Apple, Stitcher, I heart, radio, Spotify, all them, people can listen to you in their car, they can’t watch you in your car.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 20:54
I have another idea. Because I’ve done a number of recordings that I’m trying to sell as a course online, perhaps those could be put into podcasts, but on the low end of different subjects of how to be healthy your mind, your soul and your spirit. And also coming from a psychology point of view, how to better communicate with other people. That’s just an example. How to handle trauma and trials, you know, how to deal with your body when you’re when you’re ill, you know, when you’re not doing well, just general, I’ve done at least I’d say eight to 10 of those that fit into a course I haven’t marketed the course as of yet. But we’re working on getting ready to market that course. But those audios could also be parts of podcasts, no doubt about it. Oh,

Richard Bennett 21:42
yeah, definitely. Definitely, without a doubt. Now, you said for some people that don’t want to read the book? Is the book available as an audiobook?

Dr. Linda Plunkett 21:51
It’s available? I mean, you can basically go and download it. It’s I don’t think it’s on audio yet. Okay. No, you can go online, you can download it, I have copies that when I speak, I carry those copies with me or people once a copy and mail them a copy. Um, but I don’t think it’s on an audio book as of right now.

Richard Bennett 22:16
Well, it just means everybody’s got to read it then. Yeah. And

Dr. Linda Plunkett 22:20
read, it’s not a long book, people say, Well, I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. And you mentioned you like self help. last half of the book is about what I learned through this, that I think it’s really important for people especially going through pain and suffering, to deal with certain issues, maybe in a way they haven’t had to deal with them, you know, that, you know, they can get tips and tools. Like I had an issue with God, I got angry with God. And that was great for me, because I never been angry with God. But I’ll tell you, when I got angry with God, he sent me an angel. I don’t know, if I ever would have seen an angel had I not gotten really angry. So as a therapist, my whole viewpoint has changed. Hey, get angry with God, he knows you’re angry anyway. Yeah. rash your feelings to him? And he’ll answer you. I really firmly believe that.

Richard Bennett 23:10
Yeah, so do I talking about God, I think but um, it is just my belief, but a lot of people are always praying to God and asking for something. I’m different. I like to pray to Him. And thank him for what he’s given me. And I think he looks at that.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 23:31
So important. And I think if

if I don’t have a chapter in this book, they’ll definitely be a chapter in the next book, though, having an attitude of gratitude, because they’re being a positive person not looking at your cup half empty looking or your cup half full, right? Do I have that a lot of other people don’t have, you know, for me being able to walk again? Yeah, the dance, being able to communicate, I couldn’t speak well, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t think after the brain surgery, and then things I felt got worse after, you know, with the fibromyalgia. But, you know, we have if you look back and you realize, especially my situation where I’ve come from, and what I have with so when I say COVID is no big deal to me, it’s really not because I have so much You know what? And okay, I may have had brain surgery, I’m grateful. I don’t seem to get viruses like other people. And I think that not all viruses are the same. We should not worry so much. We get a virus. I had a friend that she was in Ohio, she said she was tested positive. She said Linda, I was a cold, nothing more than a cold. There are so fearful But hey, we’ve got to look at what we do have enjoyed life. Go outside. You know, when everything was shut down. I was so grateful I could play golf. It just gave me so much joy to be outside in the sunshine and to go for walks. Yeah, I couldn’t dance. Maybe I couldn’t go to the movies. Maybe I couldn’t even go to church. But hey, there were things I can do that I was grateful for and thankful for that I still had my health and I felt good. You know, and then I had family, we were close. And I could talk to people over the phone or on the internet. You know, there’s still a lot of things you can do. If you count your blessings, like you say,

Richard Bennett 25:18
See, and that’s what I did with this COVID I look at all the positive things that have happened. And you can’t number one, you can’t live in fear. No,

Dr. Linda Plunkett 25:28
it’ll paralyze you. But I have met so many paralyzed people out there, and I feel for them, but I feel like saying, hey, you don’t have to make this the center of your life. Enjoy what else you have. And don’t just focus on that and all the negativity in the world right now.

This too shall pass.

This isn’t going to stay. This is just a temporary thing. You know, we’re not in a war isn’t not a great thing. You know, we’re not fighting a war right now. My son went to Afghanistan a couple years ago, and I was really worried for him. But there’s no war going on, we can be so grateful for that.

Richard Bennett 26:04
That’s true. That’s what he serve. And if you don’t mind me asking,

Dr. Linda Plunkett 26:07
um, he’s in the army. He’s actually a reservist in the army. But he also is a private contractor for the army as well.

So he kind of worked full time for the army.

Richard Bennett 26:18
I’ll tell him, I said, Thank you for your service. And well, I may have to get in contact with him, because I’m going to be doing a new podcast, hopefully starting in November, where I’m talking to active military veterans and or their families and spouses. Talk about their time in, because

Dr. Linda Plunkett 26:39
I’m sure he would enjoy sharing now, the field that he

said, It’s his he can’t really say a lot about what he does. A lot

Richard Bennett 26:45
of us can’t, right. But you

Dr. Linda Plunkett 26:48
know, but I’m so proud of him, because he just received he just basically made the level of I think it was staff, Staff Sergeant, isn’t it. And my father, who was a veteran of World War Two was Staff Sergeant. So I know like, Wow,

he down from happening is so proud of him.

Richard Bennett 27:06
Wow, that is awesome. Yeah, going back to your book here a minute, you know, you mentioned that it’s a good read for everybody that has gone through this, what you’re going through. But I think from what you’re telling me to from what I’m hearing, I think it’s also a good read for those family members of people. And friends of people that are going through this.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 27:30
I believe that because I’ll tell you Rich, when I got sick, some people just walked away from me and I was devastated,

no, I looked back. And you know, one or two of them. I said, You know why? Why did this happen? And they said, Well, we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t know what to say, well, you don’t walk away. That’s when people need to more than anything else. The other the


The other type of person that would enjoy this book is someone who does like the supernatural. When I spoke the other weekend, you know, I told them, there were stories about angels, but I didn’t tell them what the stories were. And at the end of we had question and answers, and one of the people said, Please tell me, tell me one of your stories. You know, I want to hear about your angel story. Well, I have Angel stories, but my husband has Angel stories that he saw around me that I never saw. So people that like supernatural would enjoy this book as well. What my husband tells me he has seen angels around me. And one Angel was like a normal human sized Angel. And I was speaking at my mother’s funeral and he said the angel was behind me with its wings out like it was holding me up.

Richard Bennett 28:33
Oh, wow.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 28:35
Yeah, other Angel he saw and the reason he thinks my tumor came from China, I know that sounds bizarre. But in our neighborhood in Jacksonville, when I first got six, there was a two storey building across the street. And my husband said I saw something out there. And it was a gigantic figure taller than that building. And my husband, he didn’t know what it was. But he knew that it was a spiritual object. He believes that two was an age, and that it had something to do with me coming back from China, but we never, you know, we never could put two and two together with that, until maybe I got the brain surgery. You know, I mean, I had the brain tumor, and I had to have the brain surgery. But right. But I you know, a lot of things are hypothetical. We don’t know, you know, we don’t know, we don’t know anything. But I think there’s more out there than what we can see. And you know, God, you know, there’s a scripture and I say, and it says God’s ways, his higher ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We can’t begin to understand what god you know what God really is or what’s out there. Yeah, I think like to answer to God, we’re probably like an ant. You know, we’re so small and he’s so much higher. But I think there’s a whole lot more out there than what we can see. I really believe that.

Richard Bennett 29:51
I definitely believe that.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 29:53
I want to encourage people, no matter how bad it is, don’t give up and also give a chance. If you haven’t given Got a chance and you feel You’re hopeless,

or you know, you don’t know what to do, put your

eyes on God, give him a chance, ask him, you know, attend to have a relationship by asking Him into your life. And, and, you know, don’t don’t just shut him out because so many people for whatever reasons they’ve had this bad experience or that bad experience, God’s ways are higher. But if you make an attempt to have a relationship with him, you can’t begin to feel the hope. And all I can tell you is so much I’ve been through if I did not have the strength of God, I would not have been able to get through it and, and like, my new verses, God’s power is perfected in my weakness, when I’m weak, then I’m strong. And that second Corinthians 12, nine, but I have been through so much for so many years that I feel like I would not have been able to get through it. If I didn’t have my face, right? It was just too much. I was too overwhelmed. And I didn’t know how to deal with it, except to say, God, just take this strengthen me, because I don’t know how to do it any other way. You know, I was so small. And if it wasn’t for the greatness of God, I could not have gotten through it. So I just want to encourage people, if you haven’t given God a chance in your life, consider giving him a chance.

Richard Bennett 31:19
Yes, definitely was. And I think a lot of people out there need to do that. You know, tell everybody once again, where they can find your book.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 31:27
Okay, um, I have a couple different places that you can go. But if you go to Linda s Plunkett calm, which is my website, you can see my information on that page, you can down, obviously, go online, download the book, if you want to supernatural rescue is my Facebook page for the book. going ahead, and you know, reach out to me via those avenues, if you’d like, send me a personal message with your information if you can’t, if you want a physical copy. Also, if you would like me, for me to come and speak to your group, I would be more than happy to speak about body, soul or spirit or a combination of those things.

But, um,

I feel that’s why I’m alive. So if I help impact you or impact your group, please do reach out, I would love to hear from you.

Richard Bennett 32:19
You know, and that’s one good thing about another positive event, the COVID. Now, you can actually talk to groups that are far away virtually.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 32:28
That’s true. That’s so true. And while while Unfortunately, my face to face groups have been most of them postponed. I did one recently that they’ve opened back up and that, you know, people are getting over the fear of the COVID. And still social distancing. Some people still wearing masks, you know, I feel like you need to do what’s comfortable for you. And yeah,


um, in the great thing is, I have done probably more than ever more podcasts more, you know, internet type programs. And so that’s been a huge blessing for me, and hopefully, for the people that are able to listen,

Richard Bennett 33:04
I know I’ve been recording a lot more, because I was only doing it once a week in person and COVID hit. And then all of a sudden, it seems like more people have more time. Exactly. Their contact me as I Okay, and then I had to take a little break. And now here I am recording again. So Dr. Linda Plunkett, thank you. Thank you so much, you are definitely a true inspiration. And please, anytime you want to come back on, please let me know, especially when you write the next book. I would love to talk to you about that.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 33:40
Thank you Rich. And I believe you know, when you go to the website, you see the information, I’m pretty sure if there’s not I need to have that added. There’s a lengthy list of topics because of my years. As a psychologist,

I have a lot

of topics and now you know having to recover from all this. I have a lot more topics. But I’m more more than happy to come back on your show. And I thank you so much for your

time today.

Richard Bennett 34:06
Oh, thank you again, the pleasure was all mine. And I’ll have links to your website and the books and everything or the book, down in the show notes so that way everybody can get it as well.

Dr. Linda Plunkett 34:19
Thank you so much. And you have a great day you too. God bless. Thank you. God bless you.

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