Declutter Your Home and Prepare for Upcoming Fall and Winter


Maintaining Your Household

The seasons change regardless of your schedule. You wake up early, you work hard, you try to get every item on your schedule taken care of, and by the time you’re ready for bed, there are still ten things left to do. That’s the nature of life, and it never ends. However, it can become more manageable if you institute proactive good habits.

For example, you know that fall becomes winter, then spring skips by, and suddenly you’re in summer again. This is the yearly cycle. That means you can prepare for upcoming seasons before they hit. A great place to start spring cleaning is several seasons before the weather changes.

At the end of summer, you’ll have to change how you decorate. You’ll need to put up the badminton set, unhook the hoses, mow the yard one more time, and prepare to clean up leaves. You’ll have to change interior décor, and it’s a good idea to set your home up for autumn with a few strategically placed pumpkins or pumpkin decorations.

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Seasonal Décor And Management

Orange, brown, and yellow define the colors for the fall; and if you’re like many homeowners, you keep associated decorations in a closet or garage somewhere. When you remove them, there’s a void, and you can use that to clean up from the summer. Maybe you can use that area to “stage” the next season’s decorations.

You put your Christmas decorations where your autumn decorations were. When it’s past Thanksgiving, you pull out the Christmas decorations and put spring decorations in the storage area they once occupied. When it’s time to take down the lights and trees, you put the spring things up, and on through summer.

Similarly, you can clean up unnecessary clutter during these seasonal shifts. You’re already putting up hoses and managing your yard, even as you change the decorations of your home. You might as well get rid of unnecessary garbage, or find things you haven’t used in a while. These things can be either re-purposed or liquidated however is.

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The Value Of Added Storage

Something else that can help you as you go about decluttering your premises during these seasonal shifts is the addition of more storage. For example, you’ve likely got a lot of snacks, treats, or décor in the kitchen that needs to be managed. There’s a lot to be said about kitchen cabinets allowing you to store items while keeping them out of sight.

White “shaker” cabinets are common, but you can look into Ready To Assemble (RTA) solutions too. These are made to order based on the specifications you enter online. Essentially, you enter in your specs, the cabinet ships, and you assemble on-site. This can allow you to maximize the storage potential of a given cabinet in terms of design and placement.

If you’ve got storage issues, and that which you’re storing can’t be sold in a garage sale or simply thrown away, adding additional storage in the form of cabinets can do much to help you keep organized and reduce clutter. You’re going to have clutter come about with seasonal shift. If you wear the same wardrobe in winter you did in summer, you may catch a cold.

So you’re going to need hats, boots, gloves, coats, and perhaps snow pants. This is your outside wardrobe. Also, you’ll want to change the mat at the front entryway. If you don’t have a mat, during fall is a fine time to add one in anticipation of winter. It’s good to have one throughout the year generally, but especially when the snow comes, a floor mat reduces mess.

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Establishing Good Habits To Maximize Your Time

When you get into a habit of decluttering your premises as the seasons change, you’ll be able to free yourself up from a lot of things. This can help you reduce stress and maximize the potential for getting things done throughout the day. You may be able to even add things to your plate, and get more of your itinerary complete in a given day than you would otherwise.

Certainly, you don’t want to push it. Though it’s good to finish that itinerary every day, you probably won’t be able to; so prioritize. Put important things first. When it comes to decluttering your home, you want to set things up for autumn and winter, get rid of unnecessary items, and then use the opportunity to further reduce future seasonal clutter.

Just like “clean as you go” home maintenance habits reduce overall clutter, seasonal cleaning extends clutter-reduction throughout the year. When your home is uncluttered and clean, that makes it easier for you to prioritize your daily itinerary and maximize the potential of you and your family.

So now that the seasons are changing, take a day or two to clean up, reduce clutter, and reorganize. Make this a regular part of your yearly cycle, and there’s a much greater likelihood you’ll have the time you need to do the things that are important to you.

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