The Wrath of the North Star


Second Edition

By Karin Harrison

This week marks the nationwide release of the second edition of “The Wrath of the North Star,” a Christian family life novel by Bel Air author Karin Harrison.

The story introduces readers to the Sullivan family who is devoted to their church. They revere the clergy and raise their three children in accordance with church law. Their meeting with Sean, a young man studying for the priesthood at a local seminary, leads to friendship, and he spends much time at the Sullivan home.

Their lives change drastically when Sean introduces them to a fellow student, Mark Shelby. Mark’s exquisite looks attract attention; he exudes sophistication, polish and style. The difference between the backgrounds of these two young men could not be more diverse. No one suspects that Mark harbors deep, ugly secrets. He has a hopeless disease, a result of the vicious exploitation of his innocent boyhood, and the cycle that perpetuates because there is no cure. How will this intertwined lives and situation turn out to be? Harrison answers this question while delving into the issues that the clergy and the society face in her novel, “The Wrath of the North Star.”

The book is available through bookstores nationwide in print and eBook version, or by visiting or

Karin was born in Germany and came to the United States in 1960. In 2003 she left a successful optical career to return to college and concentrate on her writing. Her short stories have been published in books of anthology, literary journals and online. She has published five novels: Hermann’s Ruhe, The Wrath of the North Star, The Tainted Lens, Coffee and Peach Cake and The Secret Picture.

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