Random Acts of Kindness


Kiddie Academy perform more than 6,000 good deeds

Kiddie Academy locations nationwide teamed up to perform more than 6,000 good deeds to help celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17. The total to date, is 6,300 acts of kindness!  Random Acts of Kindness Week is a project of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, which wants to make kindness the norm for how we treat others.

Leading up to Nation Random Acts of Kindness Day, each participating Academy created Kindness Chains to symbolize all the good deeds the children were responsible for, with each act written on a link and added to the chain. If all the links throughout the Kiddie Academy system were laid end to end, the total length would be nearly 69,300 inches – enough to span  the length of the Empire State Building four times! The scope of kind acts included being kind to others, tidying up toys at home, helping feed class pets, sharing toys, thanking teachers and more. On Random Acts of Kindness Day and every day, the children at Kiddie Academy are encouraged to practice kindness through its Character Essentials curriculum.

“The curiosity we nurture through Life Essentials®—together with the values and traits that reinforce Character EssentialsSM—help us cultivate the elements fundamental to a child’s development. Our celebration of kindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week is one more way we make our motto, Community Begins Here, uniquely tangible and impactful.”  – Greg Helwig, president of Kiddie Academy.

“We practice and nurture kindness in our Academies every day, so participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week was a fun way to highlight the good deeds of the children in our care. It was also a great opportunity to work together and make an impact as system.” – Maria Dontas, director of social responsibility at Kiddie Academy.

“Seeing how the children in our care practiced kindness in their own unique way was incredibly heartwarming. Our franchisees and directors shared how much our parents admired this project and just how excited students were to spread kindness at home and in the Academy. They took joy in finding new ways to brighten someone’s day or help out a fellow student, and I think that sense of empowerment in caring for others can have a long-lasting positive effect on a child’s development.” – Maria Dontas, director of social responsibility at Kiddie Academy.

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