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Congratulations To Our Restaurant Of The Week

Basta Pasta

We asked Colette Sakellis, one of the owners of our Restaurant of the Week, Basta Pasta, the following questions to which she was so grateful to answer.

What can you tell us about Basta Pasta?

Our restaurant, Basta Pasta is an Italian and seafood restaurant. We specialize and take pride in making all of our food from scratch. It’s as close to homemade as you’ll get! Our signature 1/2 lb. crab cakes are one of our most popular dishes. And we ship them nationwide!! Our chicken Parmesan is to die for!!

What year did your restaurant start?

We opened our doors in April of 2005 and have been going strong ever since. We are the original owners and are family owned and operated.

How can local businesses help your restaurant?

Local businesses can help us by simply dining with us! Business meetings, corporate parties , and fundraisers! Catering trays are available as well!

How does your restaurant help local businesses?

We help local businesses by supporting them, especially the family owned businesses. We like to shop and dine locally! We also support ALL local schools, sports programs, PTA’s, churches, and needy families.

What are the major challenges currently being faced in your restaurant?

The biggest challenge we face is competing with chain restaurants. People think because a meal at a chain is a little cheaper it’s better. Many don’t realize that at chain restaurants the majority of the food is microwaved, not made to order. And the quality is not equal to ours. They use tiny shrimp, for example. And we use huge shrimp!

What is your restaurant address?

What is your restaurant phone number?

+1 (410) 692-5200

What is your restaurant website?

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