Let The Wood Speak For Itself


Image by Candace Freeland from Pixabay

Every Piece Has A Story

A conversation with Andrew Workman of RAW Country Designs

To some people, wood is just something to burn, paint, break or ignore. To others, it’s one of God’s creations and has so much to tell. From what we know, there are trees well over 4,000 years old, just imagine everything and everyone that has been around those trees. Look up at some trees and they just seem to go on forever, but what about when they die either by man or nature?

Some of that wood is used for fireplaces, smokers, construction, paper or more. If you’re lucky, you have a piece that has become a beautiful piece of furniture, home decor or a nice floor or door in your home. Take some time and look at it and really study it. Do you see the same pattern, or is the grain in an image of someone or something that you haven’t noticed before? Doe’s the stain on it make it stand out more or doe’s the natural finish actually speak for itself?

On this episode of the Harford County Living Show, Rich Bennett sat down with Andrew Workman of RAW Country Designs. Andrew followed the advice of his wife and God and decided to help the wood speak to others. He does this by creating one-of-a-kind barn doors, tables and other furniture. Each piece is unique and custom built and above all else, he puts his love for wood and craftmanship into each and every piece.

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