Calling All Veterans & Active Military


List Your Business For Free

New Category Exclusive For Veteran & Military Owned Businesses

5 reasons to list your business on Harford County Living

  1. It’s free

    No catch, it’s is free if you’re a Veteran or Active Military

  2. Gain more exposure

    As a business owner, exposure is important, and this is a great way for your business to gain more exposure

  3. Boost your website SEO

    When your business is listed on our website, the link to your website is included to help with your SEO. Links are important

  4. Networking

    We all know that networking is important when it comes to business. When Veterans and active Military work together, it’s a special bond

  5. This is just the beginning

    That’s right, we have big plans for this, and you’ll love where it’s going

As some of you may know, my name is Rich Bennett and I am a Marine Corps Veteran. I own Danben which runs Harford County Living, and I want to help my fellow brothers and sisters that have served or are currently serving and own a business.

I decided to launch a new program exclusive to Veterans and active Military, a page dedicated to Veteran and Military Owned Businesses. It costs nothing for you to list your business and it’s not just a 1 month thing, it will be ongoing. This is my way of saying thank you.

If you would like to list your business, please contact me at with the name of your business, website, contact info, logo and proof of service.

Let’s get your business promoted and help each other. Thank you for your service.

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