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Discover the World and Read Local

Local Authors and the Read Local Challenge

I know what you’re thinking, Rich, are you going off your rocker? What in the world are you talking about? I’m talking about discovering the World by reading local. Local Authors. There are so many great authors out there and we miss a lot of the local ones. Since I started doing this podcast I’ve been surprised of how many local authors there are. Well, there’s a group that I have on this episode and we’re talking about the Read Local Challenge.

I want to thank Kelly Anne White. I had Kelly on the podcast before talking about her book, The Legend of the Fairy Stones and basically her background on what she has done. During that podcast Kelly mentioned the Read Local Challenge and we said it would be great to do a podcast with a group of the Authrs taking part in it and Kelly contacted me a week later with a group of them that wanted to do a podcast. So we did.

On this episode of the Harford County Living Show, Rich Bennett and Brian Godfrey talk with Local Authors Kelly Anne WhiteVeronica BartlesDeborah KalbRachel KolarKatia Raina aka Raindrop and Timothy Young. We discuss the Read Local Challenge, their books, how they started and more.

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