Nurse Judy On Duty And A Baby Burrito

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

Do you know if your baby is Safe to Sleep?

Nurse Judy gives tips and advice

It’s amazing how much things have changed throughout the years. Technology, cars, even the way houses are built, and sleeping for infants. At point we were told to put them on their stomachs, then put them on our backs, put stuff around them, but of course that has all changed and for the better. The number of infant deaths while they’re sleeping has dropped considerably.

On this episode of Harford County living, Rich Bennett and Lyle Garitty talk with Nurse Judy from the Harford County Health Department and discuss safe sleep and some other things with infants such as clothes, things you shouldn’t have in the crib, car seats and more. Things that have been passed down throughout the years, people buying used car seats, cribs, etc. from thrift shops, yard sales some of this stuff even being given away at fundraisers that have been recalled.

Sit back and enjoy Nurse Judy on duty and find out about the baby burrito.

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