“The Legend of the Fairy Stones” Wins a Purple Dragonfly Book Award for Best Interior Design


Story Monsters LLC, a literary resource for teachers and librarians, has honored “The Legend of the Fairy Stones,” by Kelly Anne White, with a Purple Dragonfly book award in the Best Interior Design category.

“The Legend of the Fairy Stones,” by author and collage artist Kelly Anne White, recently received a Purple Dragonfly book award from Story Monsters LLC, a respected resource for teachers and librarians. The picture book, which features nearly 200 digitally collaged public domain and Creative Commons images, was recognized for Best Interior Design. “The Legend of the Fairy Stones” cleverly blends its astounding mixed bag of beautiful artwork with originally authored lyrical verse to share the story of real-life staurolite crystals.

Woodland lore, passed along through oral tradition, says these cross-shaped stones formed from the tears of fairies after they learned that Jesus had died. Once White introduces the stones into the narrative of “The Legend of the Fairy Stones,” she has hidden one fairy stone on every page thereafter for readers to find in similar fashion as “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy.”

“The most magical thing occurred shortly after my book won the award,” says White. “I was doing a book signing at a festival, and I’d set my Purple Dragonfly award certificate atop a box next to my signing table. A real dragonfly came along and rested on my award, right next to the certificate’s dragonfly emblem, lolling there for hours. Occasionally it fluttered up to sit on the spine of my book, which happens to also have a dragonfly on the front cover. That was truly enchanting.”

Kelly Anne White is also author of “The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts” and other books for children, teens, and young adults. White is a professional book editor as well, having edited hundreds of projects for HarperCollins, Kirkus Media, and Christian Editor Connection, and she is former longtime executive editor of Girls’ Life magazine. White conducts publishing courses at Morgan State University and is on staff at Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more about the author at KellyAnneWhite.com.

“The Legend of the Fairy Stones” is available for purchase on Amazon.com, at Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.

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