Local Artist Featured at the World Trade Center in Baltimore


Brave New World Art Exhibit Opens in Baltimore

Harford County artist, Tracey Grumbach, is currently showing 46 pieces of digital art in a solo art exhibit titled “Brave New World” at the World Trade Center in Baltimore. The show runs through September 13, 2019.

This is the largest collection of Mrs. Grumbach’s work shown to date and features work from several of her latest series including Faceless, The Beauty Myth, and Growth Mindset, which examine human nature and the influences of the technical age on the human psyche.

Tracey Grumbach states, “This collection of art is my victory call because it was created over a period of several years out of a need to express myself during my battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. I felt silenced, not only from the effects of aphasia, which was caused by the disease damaging the language section of my brain, but also by the doctors and hospitals who didn’t believe I was suffering in such a severe way. Art was my way of reconnecting with a world that I didn’t trust anymore, thus the title of the exhibit, Brave New World.”

Mrs. Grumbach’s artistic practice is focused on combining traditional collage with photography and digital art, creating a unique look that each of the other disciplines can’t achieve on their own.

Mrs. Grumbach will also show her art in New York City at the prestigious LymeMIND Conference on October 19, 2019.

About Tracey Grumbach (www.nineacresdesigns.com)

Tracey Grumbach teaches art and photography classes at Harford Community College. Her artwork has been seen in venues throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania, and has been published in national and international publications. She is also a member of Harford Artists’ Association.

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